Mowing the grass, and thinking about sin.

These thoughts are from two weeks ago, but still relevant.

While mowing the grass the other night, it started to rain.  I knew before going out that it was supposed to rain; still, I needed to mow my lawn – it was tall and weedy.

As I was mowing the front part of my yard, it started to drizzle.  I thought, “Maybe I should stop.”  But I kept going.  Soon the drizzling stopped.

Half-way through the backyard, it started to drizzle again.  I thought, “Man, I want to get this done.”  So, I kept going.  Again, the drizzle stopped.

Four more rows to cut, and it begins to rain.  Not a full-force downpour, but hard enough.  I thought, “I am not stopping.  I am almost there.”  As I continue, the rain lets up a bit – almost to a drizzle again.  As soon as the last row is cut, the sky downpours.  I am drenched before I get inside.  Though wet, I am greatly proud of myself.  I did it.  I mowed the lawn before it started to pour.  I beat the rain.

When I was mowing the backyard, I began thinking of how I approach struggles/temptations.  In some ways, it’s like mowing a weedy lawn knowing that the rain is about to pour forth.  You know you need to take care of it, fast and correctly; because if you let it go, the grass only gets harder to cut.

In a lot of ways, sin is like that in our lives.  We say we’ll “cut it” before it gets too “weedy and tall”, but we don’t.  Instead, we make excuses; we fail to identify and deal with it.  Before we know it, our minds (yards) look horrible.  And we struggle not only with what we are entertaining, but in trying to rid ourselves of the junk we’ve allowed to grow within.

James 1 says that in dealing with struggles and temptations, we need to be steadfast.  Therefore, we need to be proactive in dealing with sin.  And I am talking about all areas of sin – not just sexual ones.  Every area of our life needs to be surrendered to God.  Every space.  Every inch.

Have you surrendered?  Are you being proactive in dealing with sin?  What areas of your life does God need to “mow down”?


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