Journal 5282010: Questioning Prayer.

We have all experienced it.

We all dread it.

We can’t escape its uncertainty, nor can we live without its power.

Too many of us act like it doesn’t bother us, but it does.

Too many times we use it to justify “hating” or “ignoring” or “being angry” with God, but we can’t do that.

I’m talking about prayer.  More specifically, prayers that go unanswered (in both our time-table and God’s time-table).  My question isn’t so much why does it happen – because I don’t think we can ever fully understand that particular answer – rather my question is this, what do we do when it does happen? (Because it will.)

  1. How do we handle it?
  2. Where do we turn?
  3. Why do we go there?
  4. Does running away or hiding add to the pain or help it?
  5. What do you do when unanswered prayers keep besieging you?
  6. What part does faith play in this journey?
  7. Do we give up too soon?
  8. Do we fight against the wrong “Person/person”?
  9. What role does doubt play in our spirituality – is it a sign of no faith, no salvation, weakness, or does it move us closer to God?
  10. What are some scriptures that have helped you in difficult times like this?

I am in the middle of this question right now … maybe you are too … if so, let’s talk about it.  No “Church answers” allowed … just from-the-heart-honesty.

2 responses to “Journal 5282010: Questioning Prayer.

  1. That is so very difficult. But how do we know that God didnt answer the prayer. Is it just because we didnt get what we want. Maybe what we want isnt in Gods plan for us yet. He knows what we need and when we need it (and better yet…. He knows when we are READY for it). I am not one to talk because I go into spiritual pouting… and that is so ugly. I question God, like my children used to question me..why why why when when when who who who… Then I sometimes get mad at God… and that anger can take me to places that I have been delivered from…and thats not good.

    I am learning to fall unto His arms and trust. That aint easy. 2nd Corinthians12:5 says : your grace is sufficient for me…. That should be all I need. He will take care. He knows my needs and my desires. I know that if I am not trusting God, or am questioning Him, then my faith is NOT where it needs to be. Can we have faith and still question God… I dont know. I do know that when I dont get the answers that I am praying for, maybe it is time to change the prayer.

    It is times like these that I find a Christian Brother for sound advice, get my ipod and crank up the praise music, and read the Word…. Do I want to Heck No…. but I know that I need to… and sometimes I have to get a friend to remind me and force me to do it.

    Blessings to all.

    • Excellent stuff Bryan. Sometimes we forget that we need to cross through the valley in order to reach the next mountain top … (man that sounded like a church answer – but it’s so true).

      In the end, we want God’s best … we want His glory to shine forth.

      It’s just hard “waiting” for answers … or asking questions and hearing silence … we know He’s moving and working all things for the good, we’re just ready to move to that next step.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

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