Blog Roundup 5.

Relevant Magazine :: Questing for Contentment

The futurists, in thinking that external technology would make life simpler, ignored the internal reality of humanity: We’re notoriously hard to satisfy. We’re always chasing fulfillment, but never seem to reach it. We work more hours to make more money. We make more money to buy more stuff. We buy more stuff to make our leisure time more enjoyable. Then we sacrifice that free time in order to work more. How much is enough?

Relevant Magazine :: Church Wounds

Church wounds occur in two dimensions. The first dimension comes from agendas within the Church that are inflicted outside of it. Catastrophic abuses have been perpetrated in the name of Jesus Christ … The second dimension of church wounds is interpersonal. These are breaches in relationship, whether person-to-person or person-to-God, initiated by a Christian …

Youth Specialties :: A Hope for Senior Pastors (promo for NYWC)

Youth Specialties :: Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs

Youth Worker :: Best of the Best Youth Ministry Resources

Youth Worker :: Twilight: Eclipse lessons, articles, and questions

The Radical, David Platt’s Youtube channel.

And last, but certainly not least, here is an interesting story about Ted Haggard.  It appears he’s starting a new church.  Wow, didn’t see this one coming.


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