Criminalization of Gays and Lesbians.

Warren Throckmorton tells it like it is.  He has been reporting about the situation in Uganda (Anti-Homosexual Bill) and the desire among Christians for tougher sanctions on gays and lesbians.  Until recently, this debate has been “off-shore” … now, some American Christians are starting to fuel an old flame of injustice.

In February, Throckmorton reported that people connected to the Family Research Council and the American Family Association have spoken out against gays, saying that we should start criminalizing them [seemingly] for the greater good.  [Here is a sample blog post by the AFA.]

The other day, Warren broke the news that Exodus International has [finally] issued a public policy stating their opposition to the criminalization of gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgendered persons.  [You can read Alan Chamber’s full article here – President of Exodus.]

This issue – of putting people in prison or giving them a death sentence for being gay – is inhumane and sad.  It’s even sadder that we Americans – the home of the free – are still talking about such actions.  But what makes me even sadder still (and quite furious), is that people have rallied around this unjust idea all in the Name of Jesus.

Where is Scripture does Jesus say, “Imprison those who are gay” … “Put to death those who have gay sex”.  I thought He told us to love our “enemies” … to love one another as ourselves.

I know someone will quote Leviticus 18, which says that any male that sleeps with another male should be stoned.  However, doesn’t God’s grace and work on the Cross, now cover the “punishment” for all sin?  Doesn’t the Cross call forth salvation to all people, from all types of backgrounds, carrying all types of sin?

A pastor friend put it this way once:

  • When dealing with the Old Testament and the New Testament, side with the New Testament, for this bestows a new Covenant with God and man.
  • However, where the OT speaks against something, and the NT confirms, then know that it is a done deal.  God considers it a sin, and so should we.

I will not argue that practicing homosexuality is a sin.  I firmly believe that Scripture (OT and NT) states this.  I will, however, argue that putting gays in jail and/or to death is not only un-Christian but un-Biblical.  I firmly believe that Scripture (NT) tells us to do otherwise.

As Exodus has made a public policy about the criminalization of gays and lesbians, so Six11 Ministries will (once again) also make one:

Six11 Ministries does not support the criminalization, death sentencing, and mistreatment of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered persons, under any circumstances.

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