Discussing Intersex.

This topic was recently talked about by Andrew Marin, during his “Living in the Tension” gathering in Boystown, Chicago.

Andrew brings forth a topic many people are not familiar with – including myself.  I found this piece to be informative and also challenging: how do we (the Church) connect ourselves to people who are intersex?

Watch the video and leave your input below.

Find more info here :: Intersex Society of North America


One response to “Discussing Intersex.

  1. Asking someone who is intersex may help you to understand what to do, but each person who is intersex is just as unique as each person who is not. For instance, some see themselves as a man or a woman and will violently argue against anything else, while some see themselves as a third sex and just wish to be left alone to be who they are as well. The best thing the “Church” can do is actually know what love is, and in order to do that, they must all let go of their judgmental attitudes towards those who are different. The “Church” owes quite a few apologies for what it has done to people, and while I doubt that it is capable of truly accept others as who they are and what the “Church” forces them to be… maybe one day it will wake up and know it has done far more damage than it’s so-called altruistic motives claim.

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