Photos of God.

I want to start a new “series” called Photos of God.

If we believe that God is all around us, then we should be “seeing” more of Him each day, right?  I don’t think it’s a matter of answering “Is God present,” rather it’s a question of “Have I taken the time to see God today?”  Each week, I want to post a “photo of God”  detailing a person, place, or situation that spoke God’s existence to me.  There won’t be much writing – if any some times – just a picture.  Reflect on it … share it … wrestle with it if you need to … just allow God to reveal Himself to you, through it.

So, here’s my first Photo of God for this week: my (soon-to-be-born) son, Josh.

Profile shot … hands are headed to his mouth …


2 responses to “Photos of God.

  1. WOW! X3 So Amazing!

    “The fool says in his heart, “there is no god”

    I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures lately, and I was talking to my wife today about how constantly amazed I am at the beauty that’s all around us! It seems especially so this time of year, please check out my pic’s here if you like!

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