Living in the Present-Future.

Emily and I were listening to a teaching by Graham Cooke while traveling to (and from) PA this past weekend.

The talk was centered around taking what God has said about you (or to you) concerning your future and applying it to your present life today.  The talk is worth downloading if you can find it – I am unable to at this time.  I hope to write more about this idea by Cooke later, but for now I want to focus on something he said that made Emily and I both go “Ouch!

The basic premise of what Graham said was this, there seems to be two types of Christians in the world: those who live in the past and those who live in the future.

We would all agree that we are to live within the present day – we have no choice but go through the day-to-day-ups-and-downs of life.  However, we do have a choice in how those days look.  Are they filled with things from the past, or are they filled with things of the future?

See, each day we awake, we make a concise decision to either live in our past (to live like our past is our present) or to live in the future (to live like our future is our present).  Cooke says we are either “past-present” or “present-future” Christians.  Though, he asserts, if in fact we are Christians, and our past is dead, we therefore should all be living within a present-future mindset.  Right?!

Is it easy to let go of the past?  No – and no one is saying that or minimizing wounds of the past.  Still, if the Cross of Christ brings forth salvation, which puts to death our past, and we continue to live within that past – as if nothing has changed – then what have we been saved from?  We are new creations, right?  The past is dead.  The past no longer controls us.  We have been set free.  [A-freaking-men!!]

We are sons and daughters of the King, who Loves us eternally, and who longs for us to live within a present-future mentality.  What He says about us, defines us – it gives us our identity.  The past maybe once did define us, but it no longer has the right to do so.  Therefore, let go of the past – fears, scars, wounds, mentalities, sins, etc – and embrace the future that the Father places before you.


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