BookSneeze: A Guys Guide to Life.

Ever since reading his book “Pocket Guide to Adulthood,” I have been a fan of Jason Boyett’s humor, honesty, and bluntness.  His writing is conversational, and, for the most part, he doesn’t offer the “fluff answers” most Christian-youth-writers give to students.  Yeah, some answers are “churchy,” but they’re still Truth; and Jason doesn’t back down from the Truth … he explains it so people can understand it.  His book, “A Guy’s Guide to Life” offers nothing less.

For the most part, I skimmed through this book (much of what Boyett writes about doesn’t apply to me, today), and I liked what I read and saw.  Although, because I know a lot of teen guys struggle with their sexuality (or have questions about sexuality in general), I would have liked to have seen a section on this, or at least some type of talk about defining what a healthy sexuality in Christ looks like.  There is some references, but there could be more.

Still, I have definite plans on going through this book with a bunch of teen-guys.  Here are my reasons why I would:

  • Boyett makes it clear that being a man is not defined by culture, mindsets, or myths, but rather being a man is based on what God has already said about you and what He calls you to be.  This is an important message for teen guys to hear, especially in an age where media has so much to say about the sexes – which is not always positive.
  • Boyett breaks the book down in three sections: mind, body, and soul.  He covers the bases and helps guys to look at their whole person rather than a few aspects.
  • Boyett talks to guys about a range of topics, from sex to dressing like a man, to understanding women and loving people.  This is not just a “sex-book” or a vague book on being a “nice-guy.”  Jason tackles real issues from all sides that every guy is sure to face and deal with in their teen years.
  • Boyett’s talk about sex is honest, vulnerable, and biblical – I really digged this chapter.  Honestly, most “guy books” fail in this subject, because they give simple and safe answers.  While they are not wrong answers, they are not very helpful to the honest questions being asked in youth ministries, small groups, and teenage minds.
  • Boyett asks questions that can lead into great conversations between teens and adults.  Whether you use this book as a youth pastor, a small group leader, an accountability group, or as a mentor, each chapter enables you to spring-board into deep conversations.  The book – to me – is a conversation piece, and should be used as such.

Jason Boyett :: A Guy’s Guide to Life :: Amazon, Christian Book

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