30 Days in the Gay World.

This video is old, from what I can tell, but it should present an interesting conversation.  The video makes some good points, and some not good ones, but overall I liked it and thought it worthy to share.

The basic plot is this: a straight boy (Ryan) from a small town in Michigan spends 30 days in the Castro with a gay roommate (Ed).  The Castro is like the “gay capital” of the world.  Ryan finds himself immersed in the gay culture (bars, friends, work), and even decides to attend a Metropolitan Community Church (the gay church).  He is challenged to re-think his stance and stereotypes of gays and lesbians.  In the end, Ryan says he is leaving this “experiment” a changed man.

A heads up: there are some scenes where guys are walking / dancing around shirtless.  So if this is an issue for you …


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