Forgotten God / Chapter 4 [1]

In continuing our discussion about “Forgotten God”, by Francis Chan, I wanted to highlight some points in Chapter 4.  However, in trying to do so, I couldn’t just narrow down a few little quotes.  So, I have decided to highlight the fourth chapter in three parts.  Yes, my friends, this chapter is THAT good.

To start off, Chan asks a simple question: Why do you desire the Holy Spirit?  He doesn’t settle, though, for a simple answer – such as “Because.”  He drives the reader to truly look deep within.  Why do YOU desire the Holy Spirit? Simple question.  Not-so-simple answer.

A (very) condensed answer to Chan’s question would be this: we desire the Spirit, so that through Him we may Glorify God by building up His Church.  In the Spirit, we Glorify God by allowing Him to use us as He wills – when and where He wants.  To “deny ourselves” … “crucify ourselves” … so that our lives are His – our hearts and will line up with His own.

This is a hard thing, no question.  However, the Spirit of God desires to refine and use His Bride as He created it to be.  So, we’re all in the same boat here.  (More on “crucifying ourselves” later.)  Each Christian receives gifts – an indwelling of the Spirit – so that through each member, the Spirit can build and equip the Church to be the Body of Christ.  Spiritual Gifts are given to us so that we can help others … they are not ours to keep and hide … they belong to God, for the building up of His Church.

In that light, Chan asks another deep question: how much do you love the ChurchWow!!  Or should I say Ouch!!  Sometimes true really slaps us across the face intentionally.

How much do you care?  The Holy Spirit has given you a supernatural ability to serve the people God has placed around you.  If God cares enough about His church to give you this Spirit-empowered ability, shouldn’t you care enough about the church to use that gift for the same purpose?

page 86.

So, here’s MY question for YOU: what gift has God given to you, and how are you using it in the church … and your everyday life?  The truth is, honestly, the Church needs YOU.  And YOU have something to offer the rest of us.

So, what is it?


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