Desert Island Worship

I was thinking at work this past week: “If I was trapped on a desert island, and I only had 10 worship albums with me, what would they be?”  This was hard … cause there are SO many that I love.  Worship music is very important to me – to my walk with the Father – and, truth be told, it is my favorite “style” of music to listen to on any given day and time.

Narrowing down my many favorite worship collections to only 10 wasn’t pleasant, but I was curious …  so here is what I came up with, in no particular order.  I tried to limit one album per artist, and I did so except for David Crowder* Band (cause I like them too much).

+ My Top 10 Desert Island Worship Albums +

Passion :: Better is One Day

David Crowder* Band :: A Collision

David Crowder* Band :: Illuminate

Charlie Hall :: On the Road to Beautiful

Matt Redman :: Blessed Be Your Name

Dennis Jernigan :: Break My Heart Oh, God (the cd has been re-packaged with another cd)

Rich Mullins :: Songs

Delirious :: Cutting Edge

Matt Gliman and Cory Asbury :: Holy

John Mark McMillan :: The Song Inside the Sound of Breaking Down (This is the writer and album of “How He Loves” … but there is way more to John Mark than this powerful song … listen to him, and worship the Father in honesty.)

There they are.  My 10 desert island worship albums.  Now that you know mine, what are yours?


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