Forgotten God / pg. 112-114

In continuing my review (study) of Forgotten God by Francis Chan, we turn to chapter 5: A Real Relationship.

In discussing the need and the power of the Holy Spirit, Chan now turns to the personal answer of why we, as Christians, need the Holy Spirit.  In essence, our deep need and desire for Him should be grounded in “relationship” above all else.  Yes, the Spirit brings mighty works and power.  Yes, the Spirit brings deep revelation about Scripture, God, and our lives.  But if we do not have a personal and intimate relationship with the Spirit, we truly have nothing.  Chan raises this point by asking readers a direct and honest question:

Are you acquaintances or intimate friends with God?  Are you known by Him?

It is essential we answer this question honestly.  Many claim to have a relationship with the Father (“I pray to God”), and many will claim to have a relationship with the Son (“I love Jesus”), yet are we also deeply connected to the Spirit.  Beyond just knowing about the Spirit and recognizing Him from time to time, and going beyond Sunday school answers, how is your relationship with the Spirit?  Is it personal?  Is it deep?  Or are you both still somewhat strangers?

Having a deep relationship with the Spirit means this: you recognize Him on a daily basis, you listen to His voice, you trust in His message, you call upon Him for help, you tap into the power He freely gives … etc.  When He brings conviction, do you listen?  When He brings advice, do you follow it?  When He brings help, do you take it?  When He brings mercy, grace, and love, do you receive it?

Chan warns us:

Don’t let your personal baggage keep you from enjoying this intimacy that both your spirit and God’s long for.

page 112

The Spirit is here to help us, not condemn us or beat us up.  Satan does this … not God.  The closer we move towards the Spirit, the more we learn this Truth and take it to heart.

… one of the Holy Spirit’s roles is to do this reminding.

God said to Israel, “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you, declares the LORD” (Jeremiah 29:13-14).  When is the last time you sought after God with all your heart?  We are not Israel, but God still desires to be sought and found by His people.  Ask the Holy Spirit to enable you to set everything else aside right now so that you can seek Him wholeheartedly.

Right now.  Do it.

Have a great time.


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