I’ve had it … enough is enough.

I can’t take the news anymore.  This is crazy … and stupid.  Why – WHY – do some people still not get it?

Question:  What do all these names have in common?

Answer:  In the last 3 weeks, all of these students (teenagers ranging from middle school to college) have killed themselves due to being bullied … for being gay.

*Tyler Wilson has also suffered the effects of being bullied at school, however, by God’s awesome grace, he is still alive.  Though the teasing and threats continue.


Though this post is emotional, it is also very personal.  Four years I dealt with harassment from Christians, jocks, and others due to the fact that I was openly gay.  I hated my high school years.  I know all too well what the above students have faced – and still face.  Enough is enough!

How many more students have to commit suicide, before we – as a society, and as Christians – do something?

How many more days do students have to endure senseless abuse from peers … while adults stand by and watch?

ALL BULLYING IS WRONG.  ALL BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP. If you see someone being bullied, STEP UP and help that person.  SPEAK OUT against these hate crimes.  Who knows, maybe your voice and your presence could save someone elses life.

ALL Christians, take heed to this message.  We are the Body of Christ … we are the salt and light of this world.  Be the difference and influence society and culture need.  Let us start being who Christ has called us to be.

If God, Himself, stands against such injustices, shouldn’t His people do so as well?!


5 responses to “I’ve had it … enough is enough.

  1. These comments were left on my facebook page:

    Tj Grady It’s very tragic and could have been avoided if people were more conscious of others.
    Saturday at 4:14pm

    Jenny Lindsey-Tarr
    I have said alot already on this subject, but I guess you can never say ENOUGH! We need to stand up, Christ followers! We are just as guilty of doing the BULLYING as those who are saying it if we don’t step in and stop it! Come on, people! It makes me so sad to hear those that say, “but we need to stick up for what the Bible says”…I am sorry, but I know I have NEVER read in my Bible to BULLY or CONDEMN those that are different than we are. WHAT I DO READ is to LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, SOUL AND MIND AND TO LOVE OTHERS period!!! No conditions, no “ifs, ands or buts”, no excuses!! Let’s rise up and be the Light of this world and show these children (and adults) that they are loved for who God made them to be.See More
    Saturday at 4:18pm

    Tj Grady Exodus did an article on the recent suicide, where a gay teen threw himself of a bridge after classmates posted a video of him doing homosexual acts, it’s available from their website.
    Saturday at 4:31pm

    Shawn Harrison Read that Tj … it deals with one of the 5 people I mention in my post.
    Saturday at 4:42pm

    Tj Grady Jenny, I disagree with you concerning God making me this way. It’s a complex issue to contend with. Treating those of different religions, ideologies and beliefs with respect, kindness and love should be second nature to us. But to be frank, it isn’t with most. That’s why conditioning ourselves with constant reinforcement, use of such things as bible verses, is essential in making us more like Christ.
    Saturday at 4:42pm

    Jeremy Aguiar
    ‎”If a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be on them”…Leviticus 20:13… I’m NOT saying that we should go out and have a witch hunt but when you play with the devil you will get burned…as far as “God making them to be”.. if God sees people this way (as in Leviticus)… then how did He “make” them “that way”.. wouldn’t that be God saying He made a mistake in making people… Yes, Christ died for ALL OF OUR sins but as far as protecting….the only people that i knew the God protected were the ones who stood up for God…not people…Yes i agree it is tragic that people died and it’s a shame that now days people more interested in other lives then there own…but God destroyed the world because of so much sin…how bad was it back then compared to today…
    Saturday at 4:53pm

    Kevin Isgett I agree with you Shawn. The church can and should be part of the good coming at these young people. Unfortunately there are plenty of bullies and haters outside the church too. What a sad ending for these kids trying find a place to fit into the world.
    Saturday at 5:05pm

    Shawn Harrison
    I agree that bullies are everywhere, Kevin. I’m focusing on the Church, because we have been entrusted to be “Jesus” to the world around us – this includes those in the gay community. I’m tired of us missing this message.

    God cares for His creation – which we are all apart of. I totally believe that all people are made in the likeness of God (Genesis clearly speaks about this) … regardless if people choose to Love and follow Him or not. God’s Love extends to all peoples, cultures, nationalities, orientations, etc.

    However, I do not believe that God “makes” people gay. I don’t believe people are born gay. As Tj alluded to above, this is a deep and complex discussion. Still, to say that God makes people gay is like saying that God gives people cancer, or makes them rapists, or causes people to lie … etc.

    Sin has caused all of creation to become something other than what God intended it to be – this includes humanity.

    Despite all of this, though, as bearers of Christ’s image, light, power, and Love, we are called (from the OT to the NT) to stand up and fight for the weak – those who face injustices. Defending these kids who are killing themselves because of peers is not about promoting homosexuality or a gay agenda … its about helping students stay alive … helping them to experience the Love and Life of Christ … helping them to see that this “hell” they are experiencing will eventually go away, and a brighter day will soon appear.
    Saturday at 6:36pm

    Raleigh Clough
    One of the blessings I’ve taken away from reading at six11 is that the goal for someone who identifies as homosexual should not heterosexuality, but wholeness. And only a relationship with the God who is LOVE can bring that. How can we lead anyone to Christ if we are hating, bullying or preaching that they are evil and wrong? ALL sin leads to death… that much is clear. So if we really care about our brothers and sisters, we will lovingly be Christ’s hands and feet to them. And what does that look like? I seem to recall that He washed the feet of his betrayer. Maybe a little humility and service to those we don’t understand would do us all a world of good.

    Thank you for taking a stand, Shawn. And thank you for your courageous voice for balance, sanity, love and freedom. The world needs more Christians with the guts to actually look deeper than the surface issues that separate us and seek to love as Jesus did.See More
    Saturday at 8:55pm

    Jenny Lindsey-Tarr TJ, I am a little confused with your disagreement…I am not sure where you read anything in my post about thinking or not thinking that God made anybody gay…I merely said… Let’s rise up and be the Light of this world and show these children (and adults) that they are loved for who God made them to be…They are HUMAN BEINGS! just like the rest of us. Regardless if they are gay or they are being bullied for being different some other way.
    Yesterday at 1:47am

    Tj Grady My mistake if what I said was incorrect. I have ADD, meaning that I tend to skip out on words in a sentence and assuming what was said.
    Yesterday at 1:50am

    Jenny Lindsey-Tarr Hey, not a problem. I just wanted to make myself clear. But in actuality, I am not sure that it really matters what we believe on “being born that way” because regardless, we are just meant to LOVE, not judge. My opinion!
    Yesterday at 1:56am

    Shawn Harrison If it’s ok with everyone, I am going to re-post these comments in the comments section of my blog …

    IF you don’t want me to, please let me know. thanks!

    Add your thoughts below …

  2. I just came across your blog this morning. I am teaching a conference next week on ministering to preteens who are bullied for different reasons. This is great information. Praise God for your testimony.

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