Blog Roundup 9

It’s been awhile, I know.  But alas, here are some blog posts / news articles / hot topics / insightful discussions that have been traveling around the web circuit.  Take a look, and join in on the conversations taking place.


  1. Why art should matter to Christians.
  2. Married people need single friends.
  3. Why are Sunday mornings still segregated?
  4. The problem with thinking in “black and white”.
  5. A new and improved Christianity?


  1. Why is it hard to be broken in Church?
  2. Redeeming Sexual Brokenness.
  3. Five (5) Ministry killers … and how to defeat them.
  4. The Job or Calling?  How to care for your own soul in ministry (By Mike Yaconelli)

[Student Ministry]

  1. Helping students embrace their Spiritual Identity.
  2. Inspiring and equipping the parents in your student ministry.
  3. Five (5) Ways to empower parents.
  4. Christian conferences: Are they really needed?
  5. Paul Baloche on young adults and the Church.
  6. How do youth ministry and family ministry intertwine.
  7. Interesting discussions about Student Ministry, in a 3-view perspective.



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