Enough is enough [part 2]

I spoke (or rather ranted) here about the recent gay-bashing and suicides  happening throughout the country.  And, now, I’m speaking up again … because it’s still continuing.

I know my words cannot stop the beatings and deaths; but I am hoping that some how – some way – my words are causing the Church to re-think their views about gays and lesbians.  I hope that my words are causing the Church to stand-up against bullying – of all kinds – and start loving their neighbor as Jesus showed and commanded.


Here is a recent headline:  Teens arrested for anti-gay attacks aboard school bus. The article tells of a group of teens who beat and harassed a teen boy, who they suspected was gay.  {They suspected him to be … they had no proof}

The article also lists another attack in NYC, where a gang of teens (about 11) lured in, beat, and sodomized two teens and a 30-year old male and his brother. {Story is here and here}

I am sure the list could go on and on, as every day brings with it a new case of harassment and bullying.  All ages experience it.  All sexes, nationalities, sexual orientations, and status’ experience the hate of being bullied.  It is not just a gay-thing, or a race-thing … it’s a human-thing.  Sadly, we still can’t get along with each other.  And sadly, some of us still miss the boat on the issue at hand.  In this regard I am speaking to Christian conservatives about gay students, who are either beaten, killed or take their own lives due to anti-gay remarks from peers.

There has been much talk about “the promotion of the gay agenda in schools.”  We can’t offer anti-bullying programs in schools that teach (and promote) homosexuality as being a normal lifestyle – they say.  We have to protect our children from the gay agenda – they say.  OK.  Fine, I can see their point.  However, I feel they are failing to see the point that the other side is making: innocent people are DYING for being who they are.

This is not an issue about getting gay rights passed.  This is not a doctrinal debate.  This has nothing to do with politics or that one orientation is better than the other.  It’s about people – people whom God has died for in Love.  So, lets put the issue and battles about homosexuality aside.  Lets stop the debates, the slanders, the lies (from both sides), and the ignorance.  Lets starting looking at this issue through new eyes … through the eyes of Him we, Christians, claim to model our lives after.

If pregnant, single-moms were being attacked randomly, because they were pregnant and not married, Christians would be the first to step-up and put into place measures to stop this brutality.  Right?  If a drunk man stumbled out into the street and on his way home was beaten and mugged, and you (a Christian) saw this happening, wouldn’t you try to help the man any way you could?  If your neighbor was hooked on gambling, and he lost everything in a recent bet, wouldn’t you, being a Christian, try to help him through the journey of finding help and stability?

So, why then, when gay teens are being bullied in school, on the bus, and at home, or they go to the extreme and commit suicide, does the Church do nothing?  Why do we sit in silence?  Where is our rage?  Where is our conviction?  How is the heart of the Father being seen through what we are (and are not) doing?

Stepping up and helping people in these situations is about Loving the person through the example of Christ.  You don’t have to agree with how they live their life (the single-mom, drunk, gambler, or gay adult).  However, as Christians, we must agree that not helping them is just like attacking them ourselves.  We can no longer claim ignorance as a scape-goat.  We all have been made aware.  Now it’s time to put actions to our beliefs.

Promoting safe school environments and anti-bullying programs, especially in regards to gay students, DOES NOT promote homosexuality.  They promote humanity.  They promote compassion.  They promote the biblical mandate to “love one another as you love yourself.”

I am not saying we should put away our Christian conviction.  Instead, as Christians, we should be reflecting the image of Christ, on all accounts and to all people.  Period.


To say this issue moves me is an understatement.  With being bullied as a gay teen, with attempting suicide myself, and with losing a brother to suicide, I hold this issue close to my heart.  Please … PLEASE … step up and make a difference in your school and community.  Please, youth pastors, step up and address this issue in your ministries.


3 responses to “Enough is enough [part 2]

  1. Shawn, thank you so much for speaking out on this, with detail and for sharing your personal experiences as well.

    As I’ve said before, you are a good writer. I think you have a knack for putting things in order, and it translates into a better comprehension of events.

    You give “ex-gay” and/or “conservative Christian” a good name.

    Thank you, again.


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