A (after) Thanksgiving Prayer

While I do hope that everyone’s “Thanksgiving Day” was special and plentiful, I sincerely pray that our days leading up to the next turkey day are just as thankful and momentous.

For the past two years, I have used this picture as a way to say “Happy Thanksgiving”.  However, this time, I want to use it to spur us onto a thankful year – consisting of 365 days vs. just 1 day.

I mean, surely God has abundantly blessed each of us enough to give Him thanks more than once a year.

My prayer for each of you is this:

May the Father reveal His goodness to you.  May He reveal the depths of His love for you, to you.  May you experience His presence on a daily basis; and may your steps be in line with His will and glory.  May the Father bring healing to what needs healed; may He bring strength where there is weakness; may He bring freedom to those who are bound; and may He bring salvation and new life to those who are dead.  May the Father’s Grace sustain us, and may His Love be our only identity.  May the promises of God find roots within our hearts and lives; and may we be thankful to Him and for Him every day we are alive – no matter what valley, desert, or mountain top experience comes (or doesn’t come) our way.

May we live contentedly in Him, with Him, and by Him.

This year, may we learn what it means to rejoice in the Lord – always – and may we do so … more than once.  PHILIPPIANS 4:4-8


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