A call we [I] must respond to.

The Lord is coming back for a pure bride.  Are you ready?

Am I?

I say that I am.  But I have to honestly ask myself, am I truly ready for Him to come back – now?  Have I done what He has asked me to do?  I don’t think I have.  Actually, I know I haven’t.

I haven’t given Him every aspect of my life.  There are some rooms that I still have closed off to Him.  My heart isn’t right; its done some damage that I haven’t rectified, and its holding old wounds that need to pass away.  I still fail to step up in areas that He has specifically asked me to do so.  My commitment level, at times, really sucks.  I love Jesus, but sometimes I really stink at this Christian thing.  And while that is ok, it’s only ok to an extent.  I mean, really, if I truly love Jesus – as I say I do – wouldn’t my entire life reflect more of that, than just “occasionally” or “when it really needs to count”.

I’m not striving for perfection here.  I’m smart enough to know that perfection won’t happen this side of Heaven.  However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t strive for purity – in all areas … 24/7 … 365.

Purity is more than just sexual purity.  It entails purity of the heart, mind, actions, behavior, speech, obedience, how one loves another, how one gives grace to another … how one feasts upon the Lord.  Am I thirsting after God the Father, or am I still trying to get fresh water from a mud pit?

What are you doing when no one is watching?  What are you doing?  Children, get your hearts right, God’s coming for a pure bride.

What am I doing?  What aren’t I doing?  Am I really ready for Jesus to come back, now?  Are you?

These are just some thoughts going through my mind as I listen to this song …

He’s coming for a pure bride
He’s coming for a pure bride
See Him riding in the skies
See the fire inside His eyes
Through the darkness His light will shine
In His glory He’s lifted high
He’s coming for a pure bride

The Lord is coming for His bride
Make way for the Lord
He’s clothing all His children in white
Make way for the Lord

What are you doing
When no one is watching?
What are you doing?

Children, get your hearts right
God’s coming for a pure bride
Children, get your hearts right

“Pure Bride” || Leeland


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