Golden Voice lost now found

Yesterday, the net was abuzz with the following video of a homeless man with a “golden voice“:

Today, Ted Williams, appeared on the Today Show to introduce the show (video 1) and give an update on his story (video 2).  All I can is: the LORD GOD Almighty is freaking amazing!

A Lesson for Youth Workers: Redemption.

Youth workers can use this story in talking about new beginnings; how God does restore all things.  It also shows how restored people should be seen as new creations in Christ.  Talk about the way God works – the way God’s sovereign grace works.  How His grace is a free gift, and all that we are given is a gift from the Father.

Ask students to think about the gifts that God has given to them; or how God has restored things (events) in their own lives.  Then ask them how these experiences and/or gifts have influenced their relationship with the Father.  How is God using them to influence others, with His presence, through their testimony?

Here are some scriptures to use: Isaiah 43:18-19, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, Ephesians 2, James 1:16-18, Matthew 7:7-12, and Luke 15 and 18.


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