Having a loss for words.

Here is an interesting video I came upon today through my twitter feed.  It’s by David Martin, a student pastor at Grace Point Church in Texas.

David’s question is one of honesty and self-evaluating: what would happen if I were to lose my voice?  How would I present Jesus to the world around me?  What if the Church’s voice was silenced; how would we communicate the “Good News”?

If our actions do not line up with what we are saying, then is what we’re saying really that important?  Can our words and actions really live in separate realities; or do we need the later to justify the former?

One of my favorite questions is when David asks: is it possible to speak without saying a word? Have we said too much; and have we done too little?  Just being aware doesn’t change anything – it doesn’t put clothes on naked kids, or food within their bellies; it doesn’t set the prisoner free, nor does it call the prodigal back home.  Truly being aware of a need for change moves a person into action towards that change.  If there is no action – no difference in how you live – then you aren’t fully aware of the situation in need of change.  You haven’t been truly impacted by the Person whose name you claim.  His message has fallen upon deaf ears.  Just the same, your words have been silenced by your lack of “going“, “doing“, and “being“.

How do you live life intentionally?  If you lost your voice, would people still “hear” Jesus through you?


One response to “Having a loss for words.

  1. My pastor often quotes Pope Paul VI (I think he’s the source) to the effect that the people of our time listen more to witnesses than to teachers, and when they do listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.

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