Is “social justice” a trend or a calling?

Wes Ellis, of “Living in the Kingdom,” wrote an honest piece asking if justice is more than a trend?  In today’s excitement and push for social justice, especially within the Church, he does make a point, in that we do have to take a step back and ask ourselves:


Here are some excerpts from Wes’ blog post:

There is hope as long as there are those for whom this stuff is not a passing craze.

But it’s on us… It’s on those of us who are serious about loving the ones with whom God shares God’s identity. It’s on those of us who feel the tension of excitement and caution when we see social justice enter the main stream. It’s on pastors, youth pastors, and everybody else to see to it that justice is made real, that is more than a style, in their communities.

God doesn’t stop caring and God doesn’t stop hurting until everyone’s fed, healed, befriended, clothed, visited, humbled, and given the dignity of being treated like a person created in the image of the God of the universe… neither should we!

What about you, is SOCIAL JUSTICE a trend or a calling within the Church?  And how are YOU actively living justice out?


2 responses to “Is “social justice” a trend or a calling?

  1. I struggle with this quite a bit. While Jesus did a lot to help the poor, he didn’t do much on social justice. There were no marches on Rome to end slavery in the empire, no tax relief meetings, and no soup kitchens. There was, however, a lot of giving hope. He could heal, and did many times, and perhaps we should be more involved in helping to heal.

    My opinion is that social justice must always be surrounded by the Gospel, somehow. This doesn’t meant that I don’t help the poor or sick unless I can preach to them, but I wonder if people even realize whether or not a particular church is working on social issues. I’m kind of thinking out loud here I guess. It’s a confusing topic.

    What types of social justice are you talking about? Is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell part of that? Gay marriage? What if the issue goes against the Bible? Ending slavery, prostitution, child labor, etc all sound good. They are easy ones.

    • You’re thinking just right, Dan.

      I think what the author is asking of the Church, is to not just “do-social-justice” because everyone else is; but rather, do it because we have been moved by God’s heart. In this, every Church should be involved in social justice situations – be it to end slavery, prostitution, poverty, helping those impacted by AIDS, fighting for human rights, etc. If it moves (breaks) the Heart of God, the Church should be moved (and broken) as well.

      Social Justice shouldn’t have to leave out the gospel. Preaching one should be about preaching the other. To me, they go hand in hand. If we are truly in love with God, if we truly want to be imitators of Him, then we will live / act / love / speak / see like Him. Right?

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