Breaking the Chains of Modern Day Slavery.


Modern Day Slavery – Slavery which exists today and in recent times. Any system by which an individual or a group of human beings is controlled and forced to work for another without their consent or is deceived or manipulated into serving another.

Human Trafficking – A criminal activity in which people are recruited, harbored, transported, bought, or kidnapped to serve an exploitative purpose, such as sexual slavery, forced labor, or child soldiery.


  • 27 Million people, worldwide, are enslaved today
  • 200,000 people are enslaved in the United States
  • 17,500 new victims are enslaved every year, in the US
  • 30,000 people are transported through the US onto other places, each year
  • This “business” brings in about $32 BILLION each year


  • Currently, 5 states DO NOT have laws against human trafficking: South Dakota, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Hawaii.
  • Ohio JUST signed a law against human trafficking in December 2010, BUT this law won’t go into effect until March 2011.
  • In Ohio, the punishment for trafficking people is a max of 8 years in prison.
  • Toledo, OH, is the 3rd LARGEST human trafficking city in the US.
  • The majority of victims sold into slavery are runaway and foreign teenagers.
  • 800 Foreign-youth are imported into Ohio each year.
  • 2,000 people were sold / transported through Ohio in 2010.
  • Until recently, you could purchase PEOPLE, as SLAVES, on  They have since discontinued this.


Dear Church,

Now that you know we’re out there and how to help us, what are you going to do?


The 27 Million


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