A 13 year old can get an abortion.

I stumbled upon this article and video yesterday while reading the news.  It appears that a Pro-Life organization, LIVE ACTION, went undercover to a Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood center to see what really goes on behind closed doors.  What they found – and recorded – is rather surprising.  Actually, it’s down right disgusting.

The Live Action (LA) people running the sting operation disguised themselves as a Pimp and a Hooker.  They went into the center to find out information about getting tests done for their underage sex-workers [under age, illegal, sex-workers].  Basically, the Pimp was explaining to the Planned Parenthood (PP) worker, “Hey, I’m running a sex trafficking ring, and I want to make sure my under-age workers don’t get pregnant.  How can you help us?”

Without batting an eye, the PP employee went on to discuss the many benefits Planned Parenthood could offer the Pimp and his workers.  Everything done at the center, the employee said, was held in confidentiality – anyone could come in and receive, information, testing, and even get an abortion, with basically no questions asked.

The video was quite shocking and raises many (MANY) issues with places like Planned Parenthood.  The video is posted below.

What was even more disturbing, though, was the fact that 13-year-old girls could come in, receive an abortion (basically for free if they qualify), and their parents never need to know about it. This comes straight from the PP employee’s mouth (see pictures):


Since when did Planned Parenthood attain parental rights over my child?!  What gives them the right to give my 13-year-old daughter permission to get an abortion?

I try not to get too political on this blog … sometimes, though, certain things cannot be avoided.  The issue of Abortion is one of them.  Not only is this a legal debate, but it’s also a debate about morals.  Regardless of your views on the controversy, can both sides come together and agree that KIDS under 18 need to get parental permission before even talks about an abortion are started?

A thirteen year old girl cannot get her license … vote … sign-up for the military … by cigarettes … but yet a 13-year-old girl can solely make the choice whether or not to have an abortion?  This doesn’t make sense.  Something is terribly wrong in this country.  It’s time we wake up and do something about it.

View the entire article/story here, at the Live Action site.


2 responses to “A 13 year old can get an abortion.

    • Thanks for the link Derek.

      The petition makes it seem that Planned Parenthood is the victim here – that they’ve done nothing wrong. While I am outraged that they didn’t take swifter action against a supposed Pimp and his under-age sex operation, what angers me more is the fact that teens can have abortions without parental consent. That’s what this post is mostly about.

      I agree that mud slinging – from both sides – doesn’t help solve anything. However, exposing truth isn’t “smearing”, it’s “exposing the truth.” No matter how professional and devoted the employees (staff, doctors, etc) of Planned Parenthood are, they have no right to give a 13-year-old girl an abortion … especially without her parents consent. To me, providing this type of service is extremely unprofessional and immoral.

      Maybe I’m getting too fired up about this, but still …

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