Forgiveness [Ted Williams a month later].

According to this article, Ted Williams – the famed golden voice that arose from the ashes – is once again alone with no steady work. After becoming hugely popular overnight, and after being showered with job opportunities, reality began setting in for Ted Williams: he had a few spouts with his kids, his bad history was exposed, and he entered into rehab.  As quickly as the jobs and fame came, even quicker they’ve left.

As irony would have it, Williams is getting a spot on a TV Reality show called, “Second Chances at Life;” however, it seems Ted isn’t really getting a second chance at life after all.

While society is quick to condemn the Church for being hypocritical, society has ignored the finger which points back at them – especially in this case.  In a culture that calls for the Church to embrace those who are “outsiders,” it seems that society (much like many in the Church) still needs to hear the same message they’re preaching.

Is Ted Williams innocent and a victim?  No; however the guy does need a break – regardless if this is his “second chance” or “100th chance.”  As Jesus said, we are to show mercy, just as we have been shown mercy.  We are to forgive people as we have been forgiven ourselves … up to and beyond 490 times.

I would have thought that society (and the Church) would have all gotten this memo by now.

When is a person worthy of forgiveness?

How many “second chances” should a person receive?


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