What’s your story?

It amazes me how many people click on “My Testimony.”  It is by far the most read post/page on this blog.  So far, there have been over 1,700 who have read my story; appearing on many web pages, spanning from the US to England to Africa.  I am humbled at how God is using His story to impact others for His Glory.

Truly, the story belongs to Him.  Yeah, I lived it; but really, it’s a story of His Grace and Mercy.  It’s a story of His Glory.  It’s a story that tells of what God did and can do for anyone who is willing to let go, and let God.

So, it got me thinking, what’s your story?  How are you telling your God-story? What are the different ways that you share it (confess it) to others?  It doesn’t have to be publicly like this, but I believe it needs to be shared.  Everyone has a store; and someone needs to here YOUR story … the God-story of your life.  So, who is it?


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