Good News for Girls (and Guys).

Like most girls, Jo experienced loneliness and emptiness. I met her when she was in ninth grade. She followed Jesus, but had never seen the side of Him that truly loved her. Jo recently shared with me, “In high school, I often felt fat or would hear lies in my head like, ‘I’m not good, skinny or pretty enough to have a boyfriend,’ or ‘You don’t have any friends because no one likes you.'”

Have you ever felt this way? Unliked. Unwanted. Exactly the opposite of what you want to feel? I know I have.

I want to feel cherished, loved and valued. You can even see it in my movie choices.

I sit in the dark room, my heart beating wildly out of control. “Hurry! Hurry!” my brain cries out. “You’ll be too late!” You’d think I’d never seen Pirates of the Caribbean. But I have. A bunch of times. I know that Will Turner will get there just in time. I know he will swing to Elizabeth’s rescue right at the last second, yell “She goes free!” to the captain and his crew, and risk his life to save hers. It doesn’t matter that I already know all of that. The thrill of the pursuit sends my heart pounding every time.

Why? Maybe there’s something wrong with me. But I know I’m not alone. Lots of girls love to watch the same chick flicks over and over again, especially the ones where the hero gives everything to get the girl. Like the girl in the movie, we want to be desired, fought for, pursued—wanted.

Read the rest of this great article about Jesus pursuing after those He loves.  Now, although this article is geared towards women, the revolutionary love-message of Jesus extends to all people (gender, nationality, race, and sexuality).

The article is adapted from His Revolutionary Love, © 2011 by Lynn Cowell, published by Standard Publishing.


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