Time Out with Tim Schmoyer (and his dad).

This past week, Tim Schmoyer sent out a challenging – yet very simple – devotional.  {Actually, the post was written by Tim’s dad, Jerry, a senior pastor in PA – actually around where I’m from.}

The simple part is this: we need to spend quite times with God.

The challenging part is this: (1) doing it on a continual basis, (2) putting our relationship with God before our work for God.

I bet that truth hit YOU, just as hard as it hit ME.

Here’s what Jerry had to say:

Intimacy doesn’t come naturally or easily for me. It’s easier to hide behind my work and stay busy. However there has always been a deep desire in my heart to know God deeper, to really connect with Him in the fullest way possible. Early on in my ministry I made ‘intimacy’ with God my number one goal. Paul’s words to the Philippians (3:7-14) about wanting to “know” Jesus have taken root in my heart. I want to know Him, not just about Him!

As I look back on my life I can see God slowly but surely bringing that about in my life. He has used my wife and children to teach me about emotional intimacy. It takes time, both quality and quantity, to develop real intimacy. That is true of any relationship, including our relationship with God. There is a big price to pay for it: time, vulnerability and humility are just a few.

Putting up walls, playing it safe, keeping others and God at a safe distance – these are easy and come naturally to us. We learn how to pretend and fake for the sake of others. That’s an occupational hazard for anyone in ministry.

Dallas Willard once said, “The greatest enemy of intimacy with God is service for God.” It’s so easy to get wrapped up in producing more and more. We start seeing others and even God in terms of how they can help us turn out more ‘ministry’. Working with God and others to achieve a common goal is safe and predictable. Men especially, who are naturally production oriented and thrive on challenges and competition, can easily replace relationship to God with service for God.

You can read the rest of Jerry’s devo here, on Tim’s blog.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.  How do you spend time with God?  Is it daily?  Weekly?  Monthly?  How would you define your relationship status with Him:

  • acquaintance
  • a friend
  • a Savior, your madly in love with

How would others define your relationship with God?  Would they say that you “know a lot about” God, or would they say that you “know (intimately)” God?

2 responses to “Time Out with Tim Schmoyer (and his dad).

  1. Yeah, I think that hits for all of us. It’s one thing to tell our youth group kids to do that, it’s another to do it ourselves, right?

    BTW, thanks for the link in the sidebar! That’s awesome!

    • I totally agree. I believe that’s why it’s important for us to be real about our devotional life, especially to our students. Some weeks its better than others. We need to shed the facade that “we’re-pedestal-material” and that “we-have-it-altogether.”

      I’m actually heading on a retreat with some students to talk about this very topic. So your devo was very timely!

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