His Wonderful Cross (One Day 2000).

In May of 2000, a bunch of friends and I traveled to Shelby Farms in Memphis, Tennessee, for a gathering of college students.  A somewhat new movement, simply known as Passion, was calling together young adults for a solemn day of prayer and worship to God.  The day was called “One Day.”

The day forever changed my life.

As I draw near to Easter this year, God is reminding me of what He did that day.  And what He still desires to do through me, everyday.  I am reminded of a powerful moment during the gathering on the Farm; a part in the midst of our worship that broke me and awoke me to a deeper level of His love.

During the song, “Wonderful Cross”, sung by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, a cross appeared from the back of the crowd and moved up towards the front (being carried by two guys).  Once it was at the front, the cross was held in place atop of a hill to the left of the stage.  For a moment, it was empty, and then it was crowded.  Not by one single person, but by a community of broken people, laid out before their King – weeping, arms stretched out, bodies prostrate on the ground, worshiping.

It was an amazing sight.  A life changing experience.

My prayer is that where ever you are, right now, reading this (viewing this), that you would stop and allow His love (His cross) to minister to you.  That you would lay your heart and life prostrate before the King of Kings.  The One who died in your place, for your sake, to give you life and freedom.  The One who rose again, who defeated death once and for all, to give you eternity with Him.

Praise Him.  Live for Him.  Thank Him.  Love Him.  Embrace Him.  Serve Him.  Come to Him …


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