Things that are true.

Yesterday, my daughter Gloria came downstairs and shared with us some thoughts she typed out for herself (and us).  She titled her thoughts, “Things that are true.”  Here is what she wrote:

You shouldn’t do bad things or wrong things

You shouldn’t worship any idols either

Follow the path of God

Follow God to heaven

Think twice before doing something

Think of other people’s feelings and how they can be hurt really bad

If you listen to Satan then you are choosing the path of evil

If you listen to Jesus then you are choosing the path of good

You should also listen to Jesus to do good

Remember the ten commandments, one through ten

Read the Bible every night

Remember that Jesus has you in his hands

If you remember these and you will do good and this will help you do the right thing

Mind you, Gloria is an 8-year-old-third-grader.  Her walk with Jesus isn’t that complicated, or hard-pressed; in fact to her, it might even be a cake-walk.  Still, she puts out some heavy challenges for herself and us (all of which are true and great reminders).

So it got me thinking, what are the things I hold to be true – about my faith and walk with Jesus?  And, do I find them true enough to live out each day, no matter how hard or easy the “truth” may be?


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