Please don’t say “Gay”

The following article is written by Jonathan McKee I think he writes about a timely subject.  I totally agree that we should stop using the word “gay” so flippantly – especially when talking about something being dumb or inappropriate.  When talking about a people group, we need not use slang terms to define them (fag, dyke, queer).  Regardless of what we personally believe, the GLBT community identifies themselves with the term “gay” – for the most part – therefore, we “straights” need to be sure that we are using the term appropriately.

I also agree, however, that people need to respect the views of Christians.  This isn’t a “pity-us” type of respect; rather, a “I’m trying to respect you, so please respect me.”  Yes, the Church has done a lot to distance themselves from several people groups, but many of us are trying to turn things around.  We’re trying to seek forgiveness and present Christ as He should be.  All we ask is to be shown the same respect we are trying to give to others who don’t share our beliefs / convictions / views / etc.

Sadly, though, Christians have now become the butt of jokes, and made to look like idiots for the sake of a good laugh.  Christians are called bigots for expressing their beliefs and convictions.  Maybe we deserve it … then again, maybe we don’t.  If one group is screaming at the other for respect, then isn’t that group obligated to return the favor?  I think so.  I mean, respect goes both ways … right?

Jonathan’s article follows:


My daughter’s friend Paige attends a public school and recently had a teacher who came out of the closet. A few weeks after announcing he was gay, the teacher asked a noble request of his students. He worded it like this:

“Can I ask you a favor? A lot of you use the word ‘gay’ a lot in the context of being ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb.’ You say, ‘That’s gay’ when something is stupid. I think that’s really offensive. I would hope that you would please stop using ‘gay’ as a synonym for these negative terms.”

Paige, a Christian, walked up to her teacher after class when he was alone and asked him:

“Can I ask you a similar favor? You use the term ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘Oh my God’ all the time, especially when you’re mad at something or expressing dissatisfaction about an issue. That’s really offensive to me because I have a relationship with Jesus, my God, and I have utter respect for his name.”

Paige’s teacher thought about it for a moment. He finally responded, “I’ll try my best to not say Jesus Christ. But I’m not going to stop saying ‘Oh my God.'”

It’s getting more and more difficult to be a teenage Christian today. And heaven forbid if we disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. Those young people that do are in the minority.

I appreciate Paige’s boldness for a couple reasons:

1. Her approach was bold, but humble. Paige didn’t confront her teacher in front of the whole class. She didn’t do it for attention. Paige approached him because she really felt that he was being unfair to her and other believers. Paige has no problem with people who engage in homosexual acts, any more than those who gossip or engage in premarital sex. But she doesn’t think it’s fair for her teacher to ask for a consideration that he’s not willing to provide to believers.

Paige’s humble approach could have been costly. This is the man who is going to give her a grade that will be on her transcript forever. Sometime standing up for truth has a cost. A local Presbyterian church just spend 1.2 Million to remove themselves from a denomination that is going to allow gay clergy. I know the leaders in this church and some of the other pastors quoted in this article. These are godly, compassionate people who are standing firm on their beliefs… and the cost is great.

2. Paige just wants an even playing field. I don’t know if she would call it that, but Paige is experiencing something that most Christians are beginning to face today. We are being teased for our beliefs.

Yes, as Christians we need to understand a little history here. For as long as I remember, people have been unfair to homosexuals. Think about it. The homosexuals are a group who, I believe, struggle with a sexual sin. For years people have laughed, teased and made fun of homosexuals. Why haven’t we done the same with gossips? Why haven’t we teased those who have premarital sex? Why haven’t we teased those who cheat on their taxes?

Homosexuals have been mocked, ridiculed and bullied. It’s one of the great blemishes in our history.

But in the last few years the tables have turned. Over half of America now thinks that homosexuality is fine. More and more states are beginning to legalize gay marriage. And now… Christians are the ones being mocked.

Let me ask you a question: when you see a Christian portrayed on TV today… how are they portrayed? What about when you see a homosexual portrayed on TV (on every show)?

If someone makes fun of a Christian in the media, everyone laughs. If someone makes the slightest jest about gays, apologies have to be issued, and people are fired.

June is gay pride month. When is it okay to be proud about loving Jesus?

Now, even if Christians, in their freedom of speech, practice their first amendment rights to voice their disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle, they have to be EXTREMELY careful voicing their beliefs. I’m not talking about condemning homosexuals- that’s not cool. I’m talking about if a Christian just says, “I think homosexual acts are wrong.” If we simply state that belief, we’re deemed “hateful.”

I respect Paige for standing up for her belief.

What would you do in that situation?

How can we follow a Biblical model, showing compassion and love, while not compromising truth?


One response to “Please don’t say “Gay”

  1. Shawn, I agree with you. Also, I need to stop using the term gay in a derrogatory manner. I’m a sailor, and we use it too much, so I’ll try to stop.

    We’re about to see many, many, bad things in the future for Christians. I believe it has got to happen. We’re on the way out (in more than one way, including spiritually), so it’s bound to happen.

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