Truth, Love, and Owl City.

I recently became a fan of Owl City [a little late to the party I am].

I was reading his blog the other day and came upon a recent post he wrote concerning Truth and Love.  It’s a beautiful piece – partly taken from his Max Lucado Bible – that shows how real Truth and Love are intertwined with one another.  They’re forces that complement each other; and rarely, if it all, can they stand apart from one another.

Adam ends his thoughts by saying:

A compelling notion but one I’ve never thought too deeply about until now; the idea that truth and love must walk hand-in-hand. Everyone strives to love by all capacities the word includes, and naturally that’s an beautifully admirable thing to pursue, BUT how powerless is love without TRUTH?Applicable to my own life: how often do I worry about living a pure life of love if/when I’m not living the way God has commanded me as a follower of Christ? By all means, I am guilty.

So often I’ve heard quoted something cliche and melodramatic like, “all you need is love” in response to so many of life’s toughest questions and hardest struggles, but sometimes it’s easy to lose focus of that truth-shaped hole, that essential missing puzzle piece that’s required in order to glimpse the bigger picture which demands both love and truth, the latter being life lived as God has commanded.

I spent the night tossing over it and it seems all roads lead to one conclusion. Ultimately, my prayer is that Jesus continue His ever-present work in my heart, change me from the inside out, unearth and kill off those roots of sin, doubt and immorality so that I may better reflect Christ, so that I may better serve Him, so that I may better understand and live the life of love He’s called me to live via truth.

I love Adam’s prayer at the end.  How I need the same work within my life (inside and out).  And how I need to remember that when it comes to loving someone, I need to love them with the fullness of truth that brings freedom.  Likewise, when I speak forth truth, I need to communicate it through the lips and service of love.  How about you?

What does it mean to live, day-by-day, in Truth and Love?


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