A Swift-kick to Meanness

While at lunch with a friend yesterday, I happened to catch Taylor Swift’s new video on the TV.  Now, not being a fan of country music, this was the first time seeing the video, let alone any video by Swift.  And, to be honest, I thought it good.  I loved the storyline and its simple message: kick meanness to the curb and embrace your talents.

Apparently the song arose from Taylor’s own school days of being bullied.  The song and video were done, I’m sure, to inspire bullied kids (like herself and me) to keep walking forth, tall and proud, in who they are and who they’ll become.  And the message works.

The only change I would make would be this: mean people need to be loved, also.  Just as bullied kids long to be accepted and loved as they are, deep down so do bullies.  What better way to combat “Bully-Bob” then with reacting in a different way.

Even though you’re not a door-mat for bullies to walk upon, you’re no better than them if all you show forth is hate in return.  Be the bigger person.


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