Throwing Stones vs. Paving Road


Here is an interesting, and very encouraging, article from the National Network of Youth Ministries: “No more throwing stones”, by Dan Haugh.

As youth pastors, we can get frustrated with traditional churches, hierarchy, and politics.

We want to see changes happen, but often are not the ones in the position to speak about them…let alone implement them. Sometimes we hold in our clenched fists these “stones”…all of the problems we think need fixing: the worship, the structure, the leadership, the youth budget (or lack thereof), the rules and regulations, the atmosphere, the senior pastor, the parents, the theology, the hymns we have to sing, etc…

Over time, these lists can pile up like a bunch of stones. Before long the only thing we know to do with them is throw them at the root of the problem…the church. And if the church has stained glass windows, you might be in for a real scene!

But rather than standing outside in the parking lot throwing stones the church, we must get inside and try to bring change from within.

Click here to read the entire article, and while you’re at it, print off a copy to share with your leaders (youth and church).  It’s worth your time and consideration.


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