God is greater than science.

Can God work outside the laws of science, which He created, or is He bound by them?

This question has been mulling in my head for the past couple of days now.

Many limit God’s work and power by the facts and laws of science, and through statistical studies.  For them, God works only in the box science allows Him to work in, never more.  Others dismiss science altogether and claim it as irrelevant, that God has final say about all things.  For them, more or less, all science is of the devil.

I think both sides bring up good questions, but are wrong in their thought process.

God created all things, including science.  He imparted the laws of science into people’s minds.  I think God created science to work according to His will and purpose, to make us stand in awe of Him, not to make us stand in awe of ourselves and our achievements.  We’ve taken a hold of scientific knowledge and have basically shoved God into a box.  We’ve taken our scientific studies and data and have told God, “You can only work within these walls.  Anything outside of that is off-limits.”  The thing is, God doesn’t fit nicely into this box.  In fact, God resides outside of any box made by humans.

Truth is, science testifies to the Creator; it speaks of His brilliance, complexity, and fame.  See, while God loves science and uses it to reveal Himself through, I don’t think we should use science to trump God.  I think, in every case, God should trump science.  Why?  Cause our God is greater than science.

Assumptions VS Truth

Lately, I’ve been involved with some conversations about the idea of gays and lesbians “changing”.  These conversations have gotten quite personal: my marriage, story, family, and ministry have all been called into question.  To a lot of these people, everything about me is a sham, and the best thing I can do is face the fact that I’m gay and will always be gay.  It’s just a matter of time before I’m divorced and everything falls apart.  They base these “predictions” – false – on studies and stats of gay people who have tried to go straight but cannot.  They conclude that these people are the norm and that their experience speaks for every person trying to do the same.  My story, on the other hand, is not the norm and brings people false hope; again, because my story doesn’t match the scientific data.

As I shared with them, I don’t buy that.  I refuse to allow my attractions – or my struggles with attractions – define who I am and how my life will turn out.  I refuse to submit to the lie that scientific reports trump the power of God.  I refuse to put God into a box made by human thought and reasoning.

This issue of change isn’t a new topic on this site.  I’ve written about it here and here and here.  I’ve been very clear on what I mean by change and what it looks like.  Change looks different for each person; change happens at different times; change should not be set to our expectations but to God’s.  If we are moving closer to Him, if we sincerely seeking Him with all that we have, then change is bound to come – guaranteed.

I’m not talking about marriage being the end goal, or even struggles dissipating.  I’m talking about moving beyond those things and seeking the greater prize: embracing our true identity in Christ.  See, I think we misunderstand what change is and how God brings about change.  Too often, when talking about same-sex attractions and this idea of change, we place our expectations before God, and then get pissed when He doesn’t deliver what we want.  However, when we are secure in who are in Christ, our focus is set on what our lives should be about, our temptations begin to lose their power over us, and our longings align themselves with His.  Living for Him becomes our primary goal.  Living for ourselves no longer becomes a question.  No longer are we living in assumptions, we’re living in Truth.

We admit that God is greater than science, and that through Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

God’s Grace and Power

Don’t know about you, but I want the faith of the woman in Mark 5.  I think her story illustrates what I mean when I say that God trumps science.  Look up the story and search for yourself.  God takes a woman with a twelve-year bleeding issue and heals her, despite what doctors have tried to do and have said, despite the odds against her.  God wins.  And I’m willing to bet that her desperate and vulnerable faith had something to do with it too.  I’m also willing to bet that God can do the same for you and I.

Focusing on His image being the end goal and not our expectations, God is looking for desperate and vulnerable people to seek Him no matter what, despite the timeline or what type of change occurs.  He’s looking for people to say, “He is what I want.  He has what I need.  It’s by His power and His grace that I am healed and made alive.”

After reading the story, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much money have you put into doctors, programs, therapies, books, etc?
  • How has this influenced your faith?
  • How much have you relied on God for change?
  • How desperate are you in seeking after Jesus?
  • Do you believe His word?  His promises?  Can you claim them for yourself?
  • Are you willing to forgo your expectations of what change looks like, and reach out for the change God has for you?
  • It is not through our own efforts that we are healed, but through the sole work of our Creator.  Do you believe this?
  • Can God work outside the laws of science, which He created, or is He bound by them?
  • Is our God greater than our struggles and doubt?

Our God is Greater

This song has become an anthem for me.  It’s a firm reminder of who is fighting for me, and who is empowering me day by day.  It’s a reminder that my God, who loves me, who died for me, who saves and heals me, who sustains me, and who is changing me daily, is greater than anything in all of creation – including human reasoning.


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