A million reasons to be here.

Jonah Mowry

This is his story of being bullied.  Of standing up to those who are tearing him down.  Jonah’s story is but one of hundreds of others out there.  He is one voice standing up for himself and someone else.

How about you?  Will you lend your voice to the mix?

Stand Up.  Speak Out.  End Bullying!

A friend of mine wrote this on his Facebook wall in reference to this video:

Parents: For the love of God please talk to your kids to make sure they aren’t being bullied or that they aren’t the bully themselves.

Students: You have a voice! Use it. If you see bullying happening (physical or emotional) and you don’t say anything … YOU are also guilty of bullying.

Bullies: Get help. You are entitled to have your needs met but not at the expense of others…

Victims: You are not alone. There is hope. It will get better.

Bullying Prevention

Suicide Prevention


2 responses to “A million reasons to be here.

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