This is why I love Simply Youth Ministry …

… because of values like these.  Below are the core values Simply Youth Ministry puts in to every product and conference.

SYMC Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission:  Helping Youth Workers with What Matter Most

Vision:  To equip, empower and encourage youth workers with a transformational ministry experience (by youth workers, for youth workers) that lives in to our Core Values of authenticity, Jesus-Centeredness, relationships, in-depth learning, and innovation.

We believe in AUTHENTICITY.

Authenticity is the over-arching value…we believe in what we do and why we do it. In order to be truly authentic, we believe these outlined core values are essential in the trenches of ministry, in the equipping of church leaders, and in the operation of this event—from content, programming, worship, logistics, partnerships, marketing, and business objectives.

  • We view this conference as a time of ministry; not an event.
  • We value “hearts” as much as “heads” and focus on the whole youth worker — in ministry, personal and spiritual development
  • We “puncture the show”— avoiding overly orchestrated production allowing organic opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move
  • We don’t surrender our core values for immediate gain or bigger draw
  • We avoid sales pitches or “dog & pony show” stuff
  • We seek counsel from the authoritative Word of God in scripture in all planning and decision-making
  • We pray consistently for God’s guidance and presence
  • We do not operate SYMC on a revenue-driven, profit-seeking agenda, but rather as a fiscally sustainable ministry with measurable impact in the lives and ministries of our attendees (use attendee surveys to establish success, not revenue or attendance)

We believe in a JESUS-CENTERED focus.

We believe a relationship with Christ is what matters most, and the agenda of our ministry is to prioritize this above anything else.

  • We elevate Jesus first and foremost, and those who are called to serve Him instead of focusing on the speakers’ “celebrity” factor or any corporate brand
  • We offer Bible-based teaching in line with Group’s statement of faith
  • We avoid “competition” mentality with other ministries and seek respectful ministry partnerships with “better together” philosophy that furthers Kingdom impact
  • We avoid agendas promoting formulaic “1 size fits all” model-driven ministry philosophies
  • We operate and interact with the highest level of integrity at all times

We Believe RELATIONSHIPS are essential.

We value building long-term, genuine relationships between youth workers, staff, speakers, ministry partners, volunteers and vendors through honest and consistent 2-way conversation.

  • We embrace a friendly, humble, servant-hearted spirit that seeks to understand and meet the needs of others
  • We value everyone’s voice (speakers and attendees), and arrange a variety of forums for expression. (offering discussion panels of well-known experts mixed with regular in-the-trench youth workers)
  • We create a welcoming atmosphere of  intimacy, comfort, encouragement and transparency—a safe place where you can “come as you are” and find care and accountability
  • We require extreme accessibility from our speakers and  provide an environment with the time and space to support this accessibility
  • We provide extensive opportunities for peer-to-peer communication and building genuine  relationships—onsite and year-round (Sack Chairs, round tables in tracks, interactive teaching, Connect Groups, SYMC blog community, Inside Track Team and local networking efforts)

We believe in the value of IN-DEPTH LEARNING.

We value high quality, interactive learning experiences as defined by Group’s REAL learning philosophy: Relational, Experiential, Applicable and Learner-based.

  • We combine a highly experiential/interactive learning environment with a community of conversation and relationship-building for a personal and relatable experience
  • We ensure training is innovative and practical with customizable application for immediate take-away in any ministry situation
  • We are sensitive to diversity and seek to serve a broad spectrum of youth workers—supporting the range of youth workers’ experience and ministry position, size of church, denominational, cultural and ethnic differences
  • We invite speakers who:
    • are respected experts on a topic or innovative in-trenches leaders
    • are effective communicators demonstrating REAL teaching techniques
    • embody our DNA/Core Values and fully embrace high accessibility (no hired-guns or prima-donnas)
    • are humble and authentic–not seeking to expand their own platform or personal agenda
  • We evaluate and measure the success of  the conference by surveys on site and throughout the year as a measure of quality and long-term impact

We believe passion drives INNOVATION.

We value being pioneers—not being tied to “the way it’s always been done” or following in the footsteps of others. We don’t imitate, we innovate.

  • We encourage extreme creativity—in teaching style, atmosphere and operations
  • We challenge ourselves to continually improve to deliver the best experience
  • We strive to be on the cutting edge of trends/research, training, culture & technology
  • We’re willing to take risks that maximize impact and align with our core values
  • We embrace the fact that risk can bring messiness, discomfort and we can learn from failure

Click here to register for the next SYM Conference, March 2-5 in Kentucky.


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