Christmas is Real.

I read this today in my devotions from A.W. Tozer – Mornings with Tozer.  These words are a great reminder of what tomorrow brings and, even more, how we should be living our lives today, this next year, and in the years to come.

Christmas is Real.

Great is the mystery … God was manifest in the flesh. 1 Timothy 3:16

The birth of Christ was a divine declaration, an eternal statement to a race of fallen men and women.  The advent of Christ clearly established:

First, that God is real.  The heavens were opened, and another world than this came into view.

Second, that human life is essentially spiritual.  With the emergence into human flesh of the Eternal Word of the Father, the fact of man’s divine origin is confirmed.

Third, that God indeed had spoken by the prophets.  The coming of the Messiah Savior into the world confirmed the veracity of the Old Testament Scripture.

Fourth, that man is lost but not abandoned.  Had men not been lost, no Savior would have been required.  Had they been abandoned, no Savior would have come.

Finally, that this world is not the end.  We are made for two worlds and as surely as we now inhabit the one, we shall also inhabit the other!


Happy Birthday, Jesus.  Thank You for everything, and we joyously look forward to Your return.


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