Passion 2012.

Passion Twenty-Twelve (2012) kicked off last night!  While I am extremely bummed that I’m not there this year – (next year baby!) – I’m super stoked that they are live steaming every session, for FREE!

If you have never heard of Passion before, here’s their story and the experience I had with them at One Day 2000.  As the founder of Passion, Louie Giglio, states: Passion is not an event, it’s a movement.  Students and leaders are not invited to attend Passion, but to live Passionately for Jesus every day and in every way.  Passion is about living a lifestyle of worship.  It’s more than singing popular songs; it’s about living each day within the heartbeat of God.

For this reason, Passion is big (BIG) on putting our words of praise to God into action – locally and globally.  At each conference, their Do Something Now campaign challenges attending students and groups to partner with causes of change, both physically and financially.  This year is no different.

The cause is great.  The commitment is even greater.

Do Something Now is challenging Passion 2012 attendees to raise $1 million dollars ($1,000,000.00) for those in slavery around the world – especially those who are work and sex slaves.

You and me, who aren’t able to attend Passion in person, can also donate to this cause and goal, too!  Follow this link to a page detailing the charities Passion is working with and to donate money towards their ultimate goal of $1,000,000.00.

There are 27 Million people enslaved around the world.  There are more slaves NOW, then any other time in history!  We must do something NOW about this.  The question isn’t “what can you do,” rather the question is “will you do something?”

[UPDATE: In day ONE, college students have raised $550,000 towards the overall goal.  A-mazing!]

[UPDATE 2: In day TWO, college students have raised $1.2 MILLION!  A-mazing!  God is SO Awesome!!]

[>>UPDATE 3: In day THREE, college students have raised OVER $3 MILLION!  A-mazing!  God is SO Awesome!!<<]

Watch the CNN report here.


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  2. Here are more updates about Passion 2012, the money they raised, and what was “purchased.” The total amount raised was: $3,319,807!

    Here are the ways your generosity is bringing FREEDOM so far (more to come):

    Fund a year-long prevention program that will reach 48,000 kids who are at-risk of being trafficked. Ukraine – $240,000 – A21 Campaign

    Build and fund (8) border monitoring stations and (8) safe homes that will help intercept victims as they are being trafficked. Nepal – $108,480 – Tiny Hands International

    Fund (23) rescue operations that will provide freedom for hundreds of forced labor slaves. Chennai, India – $116,955 – International Justice Mission

    Fund a 2-year aftercare program for 1,100 forced labor slaves that have been freed. Chennai, India – $115,500 – International Justice Mission

    Fund holistic aftercare for (25) children rescued from horrific circumstances. Cambodia – $169,500 – Hagar International

    Renovate (12) apartment homes for survivors of sexual exploitation as they experience healing and a new future. Atlanta, Georgia – $141,240 – Wellspring Living

    Help fund a Child Exploitation and Online Protection Squad through training, education, and social services. Atlanta, Georgia – $110,000 – City of Atlanta

    Establish a vocational training program for 100 people at a manufacturing unit that provides jobs to survivors of human trafficking. New Delhi, India – $56,500 – Not For Sale

    Establish and fund (for 1 year) a crisis center for rescued victims of human trafficking. Cape Town, South Africa – $56,500 – Not For Sale

    Host (6) action-driven education conferences (for 300 people) on anti-trafficking for Traditional Healers, Police Officers, and Judges. Uganda – $40,680 – Restore International

    Fund (2) Ugandan High Court Session to bring to trial Witch Doctors or others responsible for human trafficking. Uganda – $36,160 – Restore International

    Purchase and renovate the Sari Bari building where women who have been exploited and trafficked can experience a new life through community and employment. Sonagachi, India – $129,950 – Word Made Flesh

    Fund (6) certificate-training programs for 85 aftercare workers. These caregivers will serve 1,260 survivors of child slavery and exploitation over the next year. Asia – $47,460 – Love146

    Restore and reconcile (18) rescued children to their families and communities. Philippines – $16,385 – Love146

    Build a safe house for 16 young girls who have been recused from abusive situations of child slavery. Port Salut, Haiti – $169,500 – Restavek Freedom Foundation

    Build an Innovation Center for young girls born into brothels, but rescued before they were exploited. Ahmednagar, India – $239,560 – As Our Own

    To provide alternative employment, training and care for (15) women who have been rescued from sexual exploitation. Bangkok, Thailand – $50,850 – NightLight International

    Fund a restoration program for (50) women that includes housing, care, education, and employment for 1 year. Badlapur, India – $84,750 – Bombay Teen Challenge

    Fund (15) rescue operations that will result in freedom for dozens of women and children. Mumbai, India – $76,275 – International Justice Mission

    You also donated 33,880 towels and 170,250 socks for Atlanta area homeless shelters.
    You also donated over $145,000 to help fund the Passion World Tour.

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