Questions from Joshua.

I was awaken the other night and felt impressed to read the book of Joshua.  As I was reading, the following themes and questions came to mind.  I thought I would share them.

My Faith

Will I allow God to fight for me, or will I continue to rely on my own strength through life and trials?

Is my hope and trust in the seen or unseen?

Do my actions back up my professions?

What is the sense of having faith if I never step out and use it?

Joshua 21:43-45, 22:5-6, 23:14, 24:13-15

The Sufficiency of God

Is Christ sufficient for me?

Above all else, do I desire Him – have contentment in Him – more than any other reward or possession?

Do I truly believe God will supply on my needs, in the time that I need them?

Am I content with God being my inheritance or am I searching for – longing for – something greater?

Joshua 13:33

The Power of God

In life, do I settle for my own reasoning or do I believe in the impossible-wonder of God?

Do I believe in miracles?  Can I take – do I take – God’s word at face value?

Joshua 10

Being on Guard

Am I staying alert to the schemes of the enemy, or am I allowing him to trip me up?

Does my pride stand in the way of fulfilling God’s call?

Do I seek counsel from God in every situation?

Is the Spirit leading me, or am I trying to lead Him?

Joshua 9

Leaving a Legacy

What type of faith, hope, trust, and assurance am I passing onto my kids and future descendants concerning God, and their relationship with Him?

Am I even passing a faith journey to my kids?  Who do they see me living for; what would they say are my top priorities in life; how would they define my relationship with God?

Joshua 24


4 responses to “Questions from Joshua.

  1. You should do a word study on “pride” and what God thinks about it. Any kind of pride.
    Thank you posting these, thought provoking, questions.
    You are encouraging.
    Where were the “youth” when Christ Jesus spoke to the people?
    May you prosper financially as your soul prospers.


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