Jesus, the Threaded Word

I was looking through an old conference book from Simply Youth Ministry, and found a devo centered around Jesus being the threaded Word in scripture.  Going through each book of the Bible, Jesus is shown as the central thread of God’s presence, work, majesty, and power.  After each statement follows a question to reflect on.  I thought the devo was great and wanted to share it with you all.  Enjoy.

In life, Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, and …

In Genesis, He is the promised Seed of the woman.  How has God kept His promises in my life?

In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb.  How have I experienced Jesus’ sacrificial love in my life?

In Leviticus, He is the High Priest.  In what ways has Jesus helped me to experience the presence of God in my life?

In Numbers, He is the Star to rise out of Jacob.  How has God “planted Himself,” like a redemptive seed, in my family’s history?

In Deuteronomy, He is the two Laws – love God and love your neighbor.  Why would Jesus later say that “the whole law” could be summed up in these two laws?

In Joshua, He is the captain of the Lord of Hosts.  In what ways has Jesus battled on my behalf?

In Judges, He is the covenant angel named Wonderful.  In what ways have I experienced Jesus as “wonderful” in my life?

In Ruth, He is the Kinsman Redeemer.  In what specific areas of my life have I experienced Jesus’ redemption?

In Samuel, He is the Root and Offspring of David.  In what ways has Jesus taken my weaknesses and made them into beautiful strengths?

In Kings, He is greater than the Temple.  In what ways has Jesus been “the way, the truth, and the life” in my life?

In Chronicles, He is the King’s Son.  The Son of the King learned obedience by the things He suffered.  How have I  learned obedience through the things I’ve suffered?

In Ezra and Nehemiah, He is the Rebuilder.  What are some broken-down walls in my life that I need Jesus to rebuild?

In Esther, He is the Savior of God’s people.  What are the names of three people in my life that need rescue, and why?

In Job, He is the Mediator.  What’s one thing in my life that I’ve been too afraid or too distracted to bring “into the light” with God?

In Psalms, He is the Song.  What song most reminds me of Jesus’ beauty, and why?

In Proverbs, He is the Wisdom of God.  What’s one story about Jesus that defines HIs wisdom, and why?

In Ecclesiastes, He is the One among a thousand.  What’s one thing that makes Jesus stand out from all others through history that have claimed religious followers?

In Song of Solomon, He is the Bridegroom of the bride.  When have I felt most intimate with Jesus in my life, and why?

In Isaiah, He is Jacob’s branch.  What are some ways that I’ve experienced Jesus as “fully human”?

In Jeremiah, He is our Righteousness.  What’s one piece of evidence in my life that I continue to work hard to justify myself, rather than relying on Jesus’ justification of me?

In Lamentations, He is the unbeliever’s Judgment.  What’s something about Jesus that has always been a mystery to me?  What steps have I taken to embrace and explore this mystery?

In Ezekiel, He is the true Shepherd.  What are some of the “wolves” in my life that Jesus has fought on my behalf?

In Daniel, He is the rejected Stone that became the Cornerstone.  What’s one way that our culture rejects Jesus?  What’s one way I have rejected Jesus – past and present?

In Hosea, He is the latter Rain.  What’s one aspect of my life that is in need of a deep refreshing?

In Joel, He is God’s Dwelling in Zion.  What’s one thing in my life that makes it challenging for me to dwell in Jesus, and why?

In Amos, He is the Raiser of David’s Tabernacle.  Jesus said, “Be holy as I am holy.”  How does this translate into my everyday life?

In Obadiah, He is the Deliverer on Mount Zion.  Why does Jesus so often seem to wait until the last moment to ride to my rescue?

In Jonah, He is our Salvation.  Fill in the blanks: Jesus has saved me from ___________ and re-established me as _________.

In Micah, He is the Lord of Kings.  How have I seen Jesus move through the authority figures in my life to bring about healing?

In Nahum, He is the Stronghold in the time of trouble.  In what area of my life, right now, do I need Jesus to be my stronghold?

In Habakkuk, He is our Joy and Confidence.  What about Jesus brings me joy and makes me feel confident?

In Zephaniah, He is our Mighty Lord.  How have I seen the power of Jesus at work in the world?

In Haggai, He is the Desire of the nations.  What has been the role of desire in leading me to Jesus?

In Zechariah, He is our Servant – the Branch.  Jesus washed the disciples’ feet before He went to the cross.  How have I experienced Him washing my feet?

In Malachi, He is the Son of Righteousness.  What’s my own everyday definition of righteousness?

In Matthew, He is God’s Messiah.  How has Jesus shattered my expectations of what He is supposed to be in my life?

In Mark, He is God’s Servant.  How has obedience, or lack of it, impacted my relationship with God?

In Luke, He is God’s Man.  What’s one story of Jesus’ humanity that encourages me, and why?

In John, He is God’s Son.  What do I know about God, for sure, just by considering who Jesus is?

In Acts, He is the gift of the Holy Spirit.  How am I walking in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit – daily?

In Romans, He is the believer’s Justification.  Why is it so difficult to resist justifying myself?

In Corinthians, He is the believer’s Sanctification.  When do I typically feel like my soul is “clean,” and why?

In Galatians, He is the believer’s Righteousness.  What does Jesus’ gift of righteousness enable me to do in my life?

In Ephesians, He is the believer’s Heavenly Standing.  When I look in the mirror, who do I see more of: Jesus or me, and why?

In Philippians, He is the believer’s Self-Adequacy.  What’s one area of my life where I’ve seen real progress in overcoming insecurity?

In Colossians, He is the believer’s Completeness.  How am I a more complete person because of my relationship with Jesus?

In Thessalonians, He is the believer’s soon Glorification.  It’s a lot easier to talk about my weaknesses than it is to talk about the “glories” of my life – why?

In Timothy, He is the Faithful Man.  In what ways has Jesus fueled faithfulness in my life?

In Titus, He is the Fellow Laborer.  What’s one way I’ve seen Jesus partnering with me in life?

In Philemon, He is the Love of believer’s.  How has my relationship with Jesus impacted my relationship (and love) with others?

In Hebrews, He is the Eternal High Priest for sin.  What’s an area of sin that I know I need to confess to Jesus?  What’s stopping me?

In James, He is the Royal Law.  Is it easier to follow the rules than to follow Jesus – why?

In Peter, He is the Pastor.  What’s one example of Jesus’ pastoring that has impacted the way I pastor (the way I live)?

In John, He is as we are.  What’s one thing about Jesus that reminds me of myself?  How has God surprised me in the ordinary?

In Jude, He is the Beloved.  If I could ask Jesus for one thing, what would it be and why?

In Revelation, He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.  What makes me want to worship Jesus?  Am I doing this daily?


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