Discipleship #SYMC 2012

As stated earlier today, I’m posting notes from the Simply Youth Ministry Conference I attended a few weekends ago.  This note is based on Francis Chan’s talk on discipleship.

What is discipleship?

It’s relational.

It’s a pouring into, and a letting go.

It’s a leader teaching, and walking along side.

It’s allowing mistakes, and helping others embrace their own “God Encounters.”

It’s not about me, and all about Him.

How does discipleship work?

In a sense, discipleship isn’t hard, but it is heavy on commitment – to people, to the Body, and to Christ.  We have a huge calling placed before us.  Are we prepared to respond?  Can we fully disciple someone, if we haven’t been discipled ourselves?  If Jesus isn’t pouring into us, how can we pour into others?

We need to come to grips with the honest truth about ourselves and the ministry (the work) we are involved in: what changes people more, God or me?  The obvious answer is God.  But here’s the deal, if we’re honest with ourselves, how often do we rely on our own power vs. God’s power?  How often do we claim our vision over God’s?  How often do we place ourselves before Him?  How many times do we blame Him for our mistakes, or yell at Him when we can’t hear Him, cause we’re too busy listening to ourselves?

Why is ministry more about mewhat I can do, what I know, etcand less about God what He has done and continues to do?

If discipleship is all about pointing to Jesus, leading others to Jesus, then shouldn’t the majority of my time be sitting at His feet, soaking in all that He has to offer?  Sure, work needs to be done.  But what’s more effective in ministry – in our discipleship journeys – “doing” or “being”?  Isn’t it out of our “being” with God that we are able and aware of “living” for God?


What is your definition for discipleship?  How does discipleship work in your life (work, ministry, etc)?

Some passages to read through: Psalm 27, John 14 and 15.


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