Our Pastures and Mirrors #SYMC 2012

Continuing with a look back on what I learned at this years Simply Youth Ministry Conference …

There was a lot of time of reflecting on my own heart.  How was it?  What were the things still causing it to beat with passion?  What were the things weighing it down with burdens and junk?  What was my heart searching after: things of God or things of myself?  What was my heart longing for – in the deepest parts?  Was God still sufficient for me?  Is ministry still about Him, or me?  Who’s speaking into my heart (life)?


Jr. High youth worker and speaker, Heather Flies, shared about God and our pasture’s of life.  Using Psalm 37:3-4

 3 Trust in the LORD and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
4 Take delight in the LORD,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

… Heather shared some personal stories about the different pastures she experienced in life and how God grew her faith in each of them: dating, ministry, death, sickness, marriage, etc.  She shared how in different times of her life, though she trusted God and His “safe pasture”, she was always looking at the “other pastures” of everyone else: Why couldn’t I be in those pastures?  Why can’t I be where they are, and have what they have?

Am I the same way?

Do I trust God … trust Him enough to be content and patient where I am right now … trust His timing and purpose over my own … trust His provisions over what others have, where others are, who others are becoming?

What about you?

You can hear more of Heather’s talk here, though it’s not the conference talk.


Later that day, Rick Lawrence shared his thoughts about mirrors and how we use / misuse them.  Rick shared some personal stories about his wife, kids, and the time during his engagement.  His honesty was great and it helped take the simple message deep into our own hearts.  Ponder these questions that were asked:

  • What am I reflecting to myself?  To God?  To others?
  • Who am I trying to be?  Who am I really?
  • What do I allow to define me?  Who do I allow to define me?
  • Am I content with the image God has made?
  • How am I changing His image, and why?


  • What is God saying through these questions and answers?
  • How am I living between the pastures and the mirrors?


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