8 Simple Rules for Ministry #SYMC 2012

Looking back on what I learned at this year’s Simply Youth Ministry Conference …

This was the first time I heard Derwin Gray speak, and I hope it won’t be my last.  Derwin is a great speaker with an amazing passion for Jesus.  He was definitely a speaker that brought challenge and zeal to myself and others.

Derwin listed off 8 rules for ministry that sucker punched my heart, mind, focus, expectations, and priorities.  Each rule was stretching, and continues to be so as I strive to apply them to my life and ministry.

8 Simple Rules for Ministry

1.  You were not born to be a student leader (or any other position/title)

  • I was born to worship Jesus
  • I was born to fall in live with Him, and to live for Him out of His love for me
  • Out of our intimacy with Jesus flows our ministry with Jesus
  • It is not for Jesus I minister, but with Jesus

2.  Your identity is found in being a beloved child of God

  • My significance and worth are found only in Him
  • My ministry (position, etc) can be an idol, which gives me a false identity
  • My worth is not found in temporal performance, position, achievements, etc … these are non-lasting things of the world
  • Finding my worth in Christ alone – as God’s child – holds an eternal position

3.  My wife and kids are my 1st priority over ministry

  • My main ministry is to love my wife and to raise my kids to love Jesus
  • My family should not be sacrificed because I’m “doing ministry”
  • Again, my ministry does not affirm me
  • God affirms me each morning … I need it only from Him

4.  Have a high view of people

  • Love and equip people to love and serve God to their fullest potential
  • As a minister, my main goal is to equip others to do ministry God is calling them to do … not to do all the ministry and have them watch from the sidelines

5.  Have wise people speak into your life

  • Those who speak into you, shape you
  • Who is speaking into my life?
  • Is God speaking into my life?  Am I listening to Him more than others?

6.  Be a (constant) learner

7.  Keep short accounts

  • Forgive others … move on from the past
  • When we don’t forgive ourselves, we’re calling Jesus a liar – ouch

8.  Exercise, eat healthy, and rest

Check Points

Derwin added two additional check points, one for our ministry and one for our heart.  The ministry check point asked, “Is Jesus present consistently?”  Though ineffective, ministry can happen without Jesus being present.  Is He present in our ministries, or are we going on without Him?

The heart check point asked, “Does Jesus have all of me?”  Above our ministry (profession), and our family, needs to be our love for Jesus.  Is this true of our lives, or do we have other loves we hold higher than Jesus?


Which rules/points sucker punched you?

How are you doing to implement the changes you need to make in your ministry, family, and personal life?

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