Ellen talks about “BULLY”

Recently, Ellen Degeneres did an interview with two parents from the new documentary “BULLY.”  The parents shared their experience about losing a son, Tyler Long, due to bullying.  The movie opens this Friday, March 30, everywhere.  Please go and watch it, then talk about the issue of bullying with your kids / students.

If you are getting bullied in school, please tell someone.  If you know of someone being bullied, please stand up for them.

For more on the Bullying conversation, click here.


3 responses to “Ellen talks about “BULLY”

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  2. Happy to see everyone putting this issue in the media!

    I have posted a link to your blog on my homepage. We have to rally for this cause so that NOONE else is bullied on the social network sites. The sites need to employ a zero tolerance bullying policy immediately.

    We cannot allow our children to grow up with a fear of having no privacy or their name being ruined for ever by one single post. Let’s keep rallying and maybe Congress will hear our cries!

    Please see my blog about my experience with cyber-bullying. Let’s keep spreading the word! There is hope, if you are being bullied, my readers want to read your story. Please post a link to my blog if you have been bullied on a social network.

    If you have been cyber-bullied post a liink on my blog in the comments section at


    Let’s keep this discussion in the spotlight!

    • Thanks for your comment and repost! I totally agree, this bully issue needs to cease now. We need every voice – thanks for being one.

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