Rules for Employees

good vs bad

I don’t normally post about leadership advice, but I saw the following on a place mat at a local diner and wanted to share.  I think this advice extends to Christian employees in the church or who work in secular places.  After all, we are to be above reproach, right?

9 Rules

Back in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, an english factory owner compiled a list of suggestions for his employees.  The language is blunt, but each of his “Nine Demandments” contains sound advice, just as applicable today as it was then.  The nine are:

  1. Don’t Lie.  It wastes my time and yours.  I am sure to catch you in the end, and that is the wrong end.
  2. Watch your work, not the clock.  A long day’s work makes a long day short; and a short day’s work makes a face long.
  3. Give me more than I expect,  I will give you more than you expect.  I can afford to increase your pay if you increase my profits.
  4. Dishonesty is never an accident.  Good men never see temptation when they meet it.
  5. Mind your own business and in time you’ll have a business of your own mind.
  6. Don’t do anything that hurts your self-respect.  An employee who is willing to steal for me is willing to steal from me.
  7. It’s none of my business what you do at night.  But if dissipation affects what you do the next day, and you do half as much as I demand, you’ll last half as long as you hoped.  [Note: I think it does matter what you do at night, in that the person you profess to be during the day should be the same one you are behind closed doors.]
  8. Don’t tell me what I’d like to hear, but what I ought to hear.  I don’t want a valet to my vanity, but one for my business.
  9. Don’t kick if I kick.  If I correct you, it means I think you’re worth keeping.  I don’t waste time cutting specks out of rotten apples.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these, or any other leadership advice.

3 responses to “Rules for Employees

  1. I like these rules. I think your thoughts on #7 were good too. My guess is that when originally written, the boss was referring to partaking in too many beverages.

    • Thanks Toby, and you’re probably right. I picked this up at “Generations” when I was there for a lunch appointment 🙂

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