Easter with AW Tozer

On this Easter Monday, read the thoughts of A.W. Tozer as he reflected on what Christ has now given us – the Church, the Bride of Christ.

“I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene.  Christmas tells us that Jesus was born … But Easter is the radiant and glory-filled celebration of Christ’s mighty triumph over the grave and death and hell!”

“In the living Christ is the perfection of all beauty; and because He lives, we too shall live in the presence of His beauty and the beauties of heaven forever!”

“Let us be confident, Christian brethren, that our power does not lie in the manger at Bethlehem nor in the relics of the cross.  True spiritual power resides in the victory of the mighty, resurrected Lord of glory, who could pronounce after spoiling death: ‘All power is given me in heaven and in earth.’  The power of the Christian believer lies in the Savior’s triumph of eternal glory!”

“Brethren, He died for us, but ever since the hour of the Resurrection, He has been the mighty Jesus, the mighty Christ, the mighty Lord!  Our business is to thank God with tearful reverence for the cross, but to go on to a right understanding of what the Resurrection meant both to God and to men.  We understand and acknowledge that the Resurrection has placed a glorious crown upon all of Christ’s suffering!”

And it will place a crown upon ours, as well, as we live within the power and presence of Christ Jesus, the Risen Lord of Almighty God.  For He alone is worthy; for Him alone we live and move and exist.

“The Resurrection certainly commands us with all the authority of sovereign obligation – the missionary obligation!  I cannot give in to the devil’s principal, deceitful tactic which makes so many Christians satisfied with an ‘Easter celebration’ instead of experiencing the power of Christ’s resurrection.  It is the devil’s business to keep Christians mourning and weeping with pity beside the cross instead of demonstrating that Jesus Christ is risen indeed.  When will the Christian church rise up, depending on His promise and power, and get on the offensive for the risen and ascended Savior?”

All quotes taken from “Mornings with Tozer”.


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