My Mind & Accusation

Last week, I wrote about dealing with temptation.  This week I want to chat about our minds and the accusations that come against us – sometimes on a daily basis.

Looking again at The Bondage Breaker, author Neil Anderson states

“… perhaps the most frequent and insistent attack from Satan … is accusation. By faith we have entered into an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ … In Christ we are important, we are qualified, we are loved. Satan can do absolutely nothing to alter our position in Christ and our worth to God. But he can render us virtually inoperative if he can deceive us into listening to and believing his insidious lies accusing us of being of little value to God or other people.”

I’m My Own Worst Enemy

I’ve struggled with self-hate all my life.  I always saw the worst in myself, first, and the good, last.  I would look to others and try to take on their best qualities as my own, mostly failing each time.  In my mind I was junk.  I was worthless.  Now, some of these things had to do with listening to the voices of others over a period of years.  But some of these things had to do with my own false perceptions.  I cared desperately what others thought about me; I wanted their affirmation badly.  Those years that self-hate reigned in my life were brutal.

In 2009, two great guys (counselors) led me through what would be my final step in rejecting self-hate – for good.  The weight of condemnation, shame, hate, worthlessness, and the like were finally lifted from my mind, and heart.  While there are days that satan still tries to use the words and actions of the past, and while he tries to convince me that I am still worthless, there is a deep-rooted assurance within me that tells me differently.  This assurance comes straight from the Father, as He repeats His promises over and again to my heart and mind: I am loved, I am precious, I am here for a purpose, I am His.  In trusting God’s voice, over my own and the enemies, I am able to walk in victory from self-hate and self-condemnation.  It’s a beautiful thing.

The Beauty of Zechariah 3:1-10

In his book, Anderson talks about walking in this victory from the perspective of Zechariah 3:1-10.  In this passage, the prophet Zechariah is shown a vision about the high priest, Joshua, and the attack of satan against him.  The LORD fends for Joshua, rebukes the accusations of satan, and declares that salvation is coming for the world.  In the midst of satan trying to trash Joshua – a high priest, who represented all the people – the LORD stands in his defense and speaks truth over Joshua, and dresses him from rags to beauty.

Anderson shares this passage to teach us a few things about our mind and accusations.  If we allow accusations to run our life, they will and we will continue to fail at life.  However, if we allow the LORD to fight for us, to speak truth over us, to dress us in His garment of salvation, then the accusations will fail and we will succeed all our days.  Notice, though, that it is the LORD who does this for us.  He is the one who brings about freedom and life, and He does so because of His great love for us.  These are the truths we need to walk faithfully in on a daily occurrence.

Below are some great highlights from the chapter in Anderson’s book:

“But Satan is not your judge; he is merely your accuser … if you listen to him and believe him, you will begin to live out these accusations as if they were a sentence you must serve.” – pg. 154

“God has not only declared us forgiven, but He has removed our filthy garments of unrighteousness and clothed us with His righteousness (as seen in the scripture of Zechariah).  Notice that the change of wardrobe is something that God does, not we ourselves.” – pg. 154

“As we operate in His authority and live in fellowship and harmony with Him (as His child), our daily victory and fruitfulness are assured.” – pg. 154

“(In recognizing the difference between condemnation and conviction), the sorrow resulting from Satan’s accusation leads to death, while the sorrow of conviction leads to repentance and life without regret … Determine whether your feelings reflect thoughts of truth or error, and you will identify their source … To disarm the sorrow of accusations you must submit yourself to God and resist the devil and his lies … When your feelings of remorse pound you into the ground and drive you from God, you are being accused by Satan.  Resist it.  But when your sorrow draws you to confront Christ and confess your wrong, you are being convicted by the Spirit.  Yield to it through repentance.” – pg. 156-158

Does the power of accusations run your life?  What truths of God do you struggle with believing?  What steps will you take in confronting the lies and living by the truth?


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