This picture is melting my heart …

The Challenge

I have always thought Isaiah 61 not only applied to Jesus, but to His Body – the Church – as well.  Lately, God has been awakening the challenge of this passage within my wife and I.  A challenge I stood for at One Day.  A challenge I’ve been afraid to fully take a hold of because of loosing what little I possess.  A challenge that is going to stretch us beyond our means, but a challenge we want to fully embrace, nonetheless.

A Radical Year

After much prompting from a friend, I finally read Radical.  Actually, I skimmed the book and read the last chapter.  Then I devoured Radical Together.  In any case, where I thought I was with God and missions, I wasn’t.  Where I thought I was with life, I wasn’t.  And if I’m honest, the calling I thought I was fulfilling, I’m not.  For a long time now, God has been asking much more of me than I’ve been giving Him.  It’s time to stop dragging my feet, and jump off the ledge He’s been bringing me to ever since 2000.

Emily and I are taking the Radical Challenge.  For a year, we want to accomplish the following:

Pray for the entire world – Using the resources provided by Operation World, pray together for the entire world over the course of a year.

Read through the entire Word – Using a chronological Bible Reading plan, read through the entire Bible. This site will provide a Bible Reading Plan and scripture memory for each week. Additional Bible Reading Plans are listed on the Resource page of Radical Experiment.

Commit your life to multiplying community Commit yourself wholeheartedly to the local church. But even deeper than that, commit yourself to a small group that is intentionally sharing, showing, and teaching the Word while serving the world together.

Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose For the next year, look at all of your expenses as a church, as individuals and as families through the lens of specific need in the world. Work to set a cap on your lifestyle so that you can free up as much of your resources as possible for the sake of the glory of Christ in His church, among the lost, and among the poor.

Spend your time in another context As you are making disciples in your community, commit, as individuals and families, to give 2% (one week) of your time in Gospel ministry outside of your community for the sake of God’s glory in all the world.

Our main prayer is that this would be a daily habit of ours that goes well beyond a single year.  We want this to be our new way of life.  There is still much we need to learn, and much we need to give up in order to fully possess – which is the fullness of Christ.

And we want to begin now, not January 1, 2013.  We have already put this off for far too long.  We want the nations to know – we want the world to experience – the awesomeness that is our Lord God, Jesus Christ.  We have been called and challenged.  And now we are responding – step by step.  Today, July 24, 2012 is “D-Day” for us.

Through this “year of change,” I hope to record how we’re doing, what we’re learning.  Emily and I are doing this with another couple for church, and I truly hope that you would join this challenge as well – either alone, with friends, or in your church.  It’s not about Radical, or David Platt.  It’s about taking the Name and Fame of Jesus Christ to every nation, tribe, and tongue.


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