Tozer Quote 015 (God’s Presence)

Experiencing the Presence of God, A. W. Tozer.

It is God’s great pleasure for us to fully rest in His presence, moment by moment. God created man expressly for the use of His pleasure and fellowship. Nothing in or of this world measures up to the simple pleasure of experiencing the presence of God …

Intimacy with the Creator separates man from all other of God’s creation. The great passion is buried in the breast of every human being created in the image of God is to experience this awesome majesty of His presence. However, several things stand in the way of man’s striving toward the presence of God in personal, intimate familiarity … Longing to be in His presence and actually coming into His presence are two entirely different things. As created beings, man longs for the presence of the Creator, but in himself cannot find it … We are born to ascend into the very environment of God’s presence where we belong; but something has clipped our wings, disabling us from responding to the cry from within.

Hindrances of God’s Presence:

  • The moral bankruptcy of the human soul
  • The foul scent of sin upon us
  • The lost concept of Majesty

What are your thoughts – do you agree or disagree?  How are these hindrances stunting your pursuit of God’s presence?

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