Tozer Quote 018

In Christian circles today, the church that can show an impressive quantitative growth is frankly envied and imitated by other ambitious churches.  Numbers, size and amounts seem to be very nearly all that matters – with a corresponding lack of emphasis on quality!

This is the age of the Laodiceans.  The great goddess, Numbers, is worshipped with fervent devotion, and all things religious are brought before her for examination.  Her Old Testament is the financial report, and her New Testament is the membership roll.  To these she appeals as the test of spiritual growth and the proof of success or failure in most Christian endeavors.

A little acquaintance with the Bible should show this up for the heresy it is.  To judge anything spiritual by statistics is to judge by something other than scriptural judgment.  Yet this is being done every day by ministers, church boards and denominational leaders.  And hardly anyone seems to notice the deep and dangerous error!

A. W. Tozer, Mornings with Tozer

What do you think, is Tozer right?  Is there a place for numbers?  If so, where and how should they count?


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