In Our Weakness, He is Stronger.

My wife and I recently wrote an article for Group Magazine’s Nov/Dec issue.  The theme was about God’s strength in our weakness.  We wrote about our time in PA between 2004-2006, when our faith and marriage were tested beyond the limits.  Out of that experience, God caused many things to come forth stronger and healthier.  You can read the article here in PDF form.

My prayer is that our words would be God’s words, and that His strength would be your strength.  If you find yourself in a similar situation to us, rest assured that God is all-powerful and all-sufficient, and that He will never leave you nor give up on you.  He is wild at times, but steadfast in His love and promises.

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4 responses to “In Our Weakness, He is Stronger.

  1. I found your testimony as I have been reading about the struggles of others as I walk alongside my sister and her husband as they come to terms with their daughter’s homosexuality. To accept my niece and her partner is easier for me because as her aunt it does not affect me as intimately. Now, my niece and her partner have opted for invitro-fertilation and an innocent child will be brought into this world. It was one thing to accept their decision as a couple, but it’s another to be elated about their recent decision.

    I know this precious little child will never experience the neglect of her caregivers. I know my sister and her husband struggle with the way in which this grandchild was conceived and most importantly with how she will be raised. In some small way it might be a little easier to accept should their daughter be the one carrying the child.

    My sister will be going to the “city” to have a baby shower. I told my sister that in all honesty, I still love and accept my neice, but I am not ready to attend a baby shower. It is hard to be excited and anticipate the arrival of a child because it is unchartered waters that we have never been asked to sail before.

    Since my neice and her partner do know they are having a little girl, I have already bought outfits for when the baby is born. I know that I would never mistreat my niece, her partner or this precious innocent child that didn’t ask to be brought into this world.

    I guess what I’m saying is…what we all are saying is…”HELP!” I want to show God’s love but I want my niece to know that does not mean that we approve or affirm her decision. How do you do that?

    • Hi Lori

      Thanks for commenting. First, are your niece and her partner Christians? If not, I would start there. If they are like most non-Christians, they need to see an authentic picture of Christ before accepting Christ. Blessing their child doesn’t say you support homosexuality, but that you support the child’s birth and the joy she brings.

      If they are a Christian, where are they at in terms of following God? Again, I would start there. Everything basically boils down to one’s walk/relationship with Christ: either we need to accept Him or we need to grow closer to Him. Before these two starting places take effect, not much is going to happen in regards to transformed lives.

      How you treat your niece and her partner speaks volumes. Loving on them and affirming them, as people, does not mean you have to embrace everything they do and stand for. Additionally, nor should you feel guilty about not going to the shower if your convictions are telling you to stay home. What’s God saying to do? Follow His lead in everything.

      Make sense?

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